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Thursday, October 2, 2014

III Society SWAG

Thank you all for your patience - nobody has been hammering my email looking for swag.

Getting the swag packaged and shipped is a one-man operation, on top of IIIGear, on top of closing here on the east coast, on top of Studio opening & relocation in St Maries, on top of trying to get the TOC up and running.  Thank you all for the patience.  It is coming, slowly but surely.



  1. Why is it a one-man operation? Share the work load,makes no since,you dicking around with orders.Id much rather you be here posting on your blog,and someone else filling orders.If you tell me you cant find anyone that will do it then we really are fucked!!
    T Fry

    1. Thanks, T.

      Yeah, it's a one man show getting swag out due to simple geography at the moment. All the key players in the Society are scattered around the country. Once H and I get to Idaho we'll be hiring staff for the Society and IIIGear to make sure everything purrs.

      The Society is geared to be more of a reactionary organization - when something happens worth our attention, we'll converge on the scene with the TOC. But the mundane, day-to-day stuff needed a volunteer - and I elected myself.

      Thanks for the compliment.


  2. Free Citizen here. There are many of us, even though we are scattered about the country, we would be more than willing to give you a hand. It might be advantageous for the III Society to remain scattered at this point. They can't hit us all at once. Give me a job to do, Sam.

  3. I'm not worried about it K. I KNOW you're a man of your word. I don't need a pin and hat to know who I am and what's in my heart. Take your time man.


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