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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Max Velocity: III Percent Society Members Discount

III Percent Society Members - Max Velocity has announced he will offer a 15% discount of course fees when you train with him!

We welcome Max to the cadre of Trainers who are willing to help our members.

**NOTE**  If you have NOT yet rec'd your III Society SWAG Package with Membership Card and you are reserving a training slot in one of Max's courses, just zip me an email and I'll make sure he gets confirmation of your status.  (The pile of SWAG packages is significant, and we hope to get them all out ASAP)

If you are not already a member of the III Society - here's the link to sign up.  Remember, we need a plan, we need a team of fellow Patriots we trust, we need cohesion and morale - that is the purpose of the III Society.  And when the TOC (or as Max calls it, the "Battle Bus") deploys, it will be with Members of the Society aboard, linking-up with III Patriots in whatever AO needs support.

Thanks, Max!

Here's the link.  (We'll be posting over at the III Society Blog today as well.)

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