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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Combatives: Do you bother?

I've set up a poll at right - how many of you who anticipate that you will be forced to defend your life and perhaps the lives of others in our current national discussion regarding Liberty, routinely attend formalized combatives training?  I don't care what style, from Aiki to JKD to Krav, or if you and a buddy get together and run through your MACP/SOCP/MCMAP training - whatever.

How often do you train combatives?

The poll that has been on the sidebar for awhile indicates that nearly one-half of you who intend to be "Fighters" are alone, without Tribe that can join you in the fight.  Another large percentage indicate that you can field a fire-team of 4 or more.  I'd especially like you Patriots who label yourselves as "fighters" to weigh-in and give me a clue regarding your combatives.

Feel free to comment, or not.  I'm not asking for me - I won't be in your fire team.  Your team is on you for training up to combat effectiveness...

If you think RevWarIII is going to be all handled at rifle and handgun ranges, you have not studied one significant real fight in history waged by tyrants.



  1. The problem is with the people I term the gunners. It describes a group of people believing life is like Marshall Dillon stepping out to gun fight. They just pull their gun and blaze away. And they can't be told otherwise. It is not until u do a 21 ft drill knife on gun or realistic force on force that they sometimes wake up. I've been in martial arts 40 yrs and law enforcement 28 yrs and I see it daily . There is no reason not to have a good combatives base as it is the basis for everything.

  2. The recent attack on Nypd officers w an axe beautifully illustrates your point

  3. war inevitably gets up close and personal on some level... if/when it comes to "your" AO, it will eventually be at your door... how close is your BR and will you have the time/opportunity to get to it... there is the very real possibility that up close and personal may be one's only and final resort... skills matter...

    1. Ha. I'd think that for most of the readers here, Warrior or not, getting to their AO and getting to their door are the same event.

      Further, I'd say that's the wrong time to be pondering the options. Choose now.


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