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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Police murder teen girl at party

How many of us have been in a field, a barn, a beach, throwing a bonfire with friends, doing what teens do...and been shot down by LEO?

I was at many (many) such parties and never had more than one Deputy or Trooper show up, and he usually left when he saw nothing excessively stupid (beyond Darwinian levels, anyway) was happening.

They never pulled a weapon, not even a baton.  Firstly, they were Men and were not terrified by a group of teens and young adults having a good time.  Secondly - where I attended such parties (and lived) any such Deputy or Trooper would have gone missing within days of murdering a teen girl - and he'd have only been found if he were meant to be found.  And his co-workers would not have pressed the issue.

But perhaps that was a part of American History.

Maybe History needs to repeat itself.

That can happen, and likely will.  But there's a lot of garbage that needs to be skimmed from the gene pool.

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  1. Well, we all know what happens on Kentucky Interstate exit ramps, mkay?

  2. lists are being made at this very hour as to who has been naughty and who;s been nice... after all, Santa Clause IS coming to town....

  3. Yes well.. It is an "A" felony in the commonwealth of Kentucky to: " for any person to threaten, impede or intimidate -BY ANY MEANS- any sworn officer in the commonwealth of Kentucky" They(the Commonwealth) now consider ANY action or "verbal attack" that makes a badge "feel intimidated" to be a death threat . They used to say "Money talks and bullshit walks". I say Shoot , shovel but above all SHUT UP. The cops in Ky. can and will arrest and convict (or kill) for what you say or any actions that isn't instant subservience; and its legal. Above all remember that . WHAT THAT COP DID WAS LEGAL.

  4. I commented on this incident, after hearing about it the day after it happened (here, there, everywhere), wayyyy back in April, hoping by God that those with the reputations and resources would form a plan or response and issue a call; but as always nothing. And as many should remember, the brutal flash bang attack on 'Baby Bou Bou' Phonesavanh happened less than a month later on 28MAY, and again I posted here, there, everywhere as to kitting up and responding; but once again nothing.
    Who knows, being that she was unarmed, she rushed him in a manner that made LEO fear for his life. You gotta do, what you gotta do.......

  5. That little girl's men-folk need to kit up and go hunting.
    It IS hunting season, after all...

    1. No joke, that. Everyone's too busy figuring out what someone else oughta be doing. Those that are involved or care either do it or don't, and forward regardless.

      Now disinterested parties can make themselves interested and involved over any incident they wish, and it's not like there's a shortage of incidents. But that of course is on them, so pretending it's about anything else is crazy.

      Cavmedic, you may drive me to a rant if you keep mentioning what your leaders are supposed to do to motivate you. I mean really, of all people...

  6. But, but, but the R's won so.this shit was suppose to stop...If we allow them to take everything precious to us before we fight what will we have left to fight for...Is there any men left in KY...A beautiful girl one of Gods Angels murdered in cold blood because she was scared of the Nazi Stormtrooper that was trying to round her up like a Jew because of what she chose to put in her body and she didn't have the States permission... God I hope he burns in hell sooner than he expects...

  7. Don't hold your breath Lineman. This murder happened in April, and its now two weeks before Thanksgiving.

  8. there should be a new category added to the Darwin Awards and i'm not referring to the young girl who was murdered

    1. What none of you that live outside Kentucky understand is that this is a "several times a year" event in the commonwealth. Under the KRS the MOMENT the girl tried to drive away she was considered to be trying to kill the officer. People running roadblocks are shot several times a year in Kentucky , to the point that it seldom go's further than the local news. The grand jury COULD NOT find the cop "guilty" because under Kentucky law he was free to "kill at will". Another thing that Y'all might want to know. The Commonwealth Att.'s office can issue a warrant for any PRECIVED "written or verbal" threat to a "sworn officer or elected official of the commonwealth of Kentucky". Even across state lines. This is a new law ; Only on the books for less than two years and it is being RUTHLESSLY enforced. Watch what you say or wright unless you are just dying to see the courthouse in Frankfort. The good news is that it will only take the federal court 10 years or more to overturn it.


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