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Monday, November 10, 2014

Ferguson Study Group II

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**UPDATE**  I'll be adding reports in the comments section of this post rather than create several separate posts.  In some cases I will be posting for sources for their anonymity. - K

The map above provided by a III Patriot on the ground.  He is also providing good insights to what is happening in this quiet-before-the-storm phase.  Hint: Look for considerable show of force in the entire St Louis area, with pre-staged assets ready to either defend their own little AO if things spill out of Ferguson, or to converge if the opportunity presents itself.

Another source advises Patriots on the ground to look for those staged assets and send pics, especially any truck or trailer sporting large and/or multiple antennas.  When you find these assets, try to provide location, distance from the epicenter of activity, pics of license plates, check to see if uniformed personnel are working the rigs, or are they wearing civvies - basic information collection.

Stay safe.



  1. Fox News: Grand jury decision could come "at any time". 11:19am pst

  2. Single Source Report: Some local businesses/offices may have been released from work early, citing 'imminent' announcement re: Grand Jury.

    Single Source Report: Vehicles may be staging at Verizon Amphitheater a few miles west of Ferguson.

    If anyone can confirm, please comment or send me mail: K@Kerodin.com

  3. Single Source Report: University of Missouri north county may be setting up triage in expectation of mass violence.


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