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Monday, November 10, 2014

There are no more Communists in the world...

America’s old enemy is still there, plotting the overthrow of capitalism. But this is a paradox because communism supposedly died 23 years ago. What died, of course, was something different. What actually died was the practice of admitting to communist beliefs. That is what died! The fashion today – in Russia and China, the U.S. and Europe, Latin America and Africa – is to deny that one is a communist. Thus, Nelson Mandela was not a communist, but a “democrat.” Hugo Chavez was not a communist but a “populist.” President Xi Jinping is not a communist, but a “pragmatist.” Vladimir Putin is not a communist but a “Christian.” And so the game is played, around the world, so that nobody is a communist... [Emphasis mine - K]

Full essay One, here.

Essay Two, here.

Only when you understand that your idiot neighbor who pulls the D or R lever is responsible for the Communism and Tyranny in your life, because that D/R voter agrees that the fruits of your labors should be shared with others, by the force of arms and by murdering you if you refuse, only then can America begin to recover the reality of Rightful Liberty.



  1. I fully agree with your comments about Communism. There are several articles on my blog spot http://revisedhistory.blogspot.com that bear witness to what you have said. Nothing has changed but the names. You might even say "the names have been changed to protect the guilty."

  2. does Lee Greenwood know about this..??!!!

  3. Saying communism is dead 23 years ago is like saying slavery or racism is dead. It alive and well, it is just redirected and the description changed. Politics is a communism. Rules set forth "to protect us" bylaws and loop holes and corruption to govern us. It's cheaper for a MC Donalds cheese burger than it is for a healthy meal. Oppression and separation and fear are the key to control and power.


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