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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Study Group VI: No True Bill

Live Feed

I'm not seeing a guy who was just punched in the face by a linebacker-sized 18-year-old...


Ferguson needs at least one new patrol car...

22:33 EST: If anyone on the ground can get better images of the Comms units in this staging area, send them up.  Here's the link.

22:28 EST: Shots fired reports appear valid.  LEO using gas.  Tweet from reporter in St. Louis: 'What's done is done now do what you gotta do' angry woman yells into bull horn outside police.

Now let's settle-in and let the minute-by-minute guys do their thing, the protesters to do their thing, LEO to do what LEO does.  We'll review lessons-learned tomorrow...

22:15 EST: Watching at least one LEO car getting trashed, and several businesses with broken glass.  At least a couple small fires - let's see if fire is used as a real tool...

21:25 EST: No True Bill...

20:58 EST ...


  1. Apart from the constant updates at gateway pundit, the only "information" in abundance are comments of an impatience to get started " killing and culling the nigger herds."
    As I commented previously, there is unlimited supply of courage to do battle with blaxk mobs, as their is no such thing as police state brutality or violence visited on them. That only applies to other citizens.
    Yeah, so much fucking Patriotic courage in America tonight, in regards to MO, but not an ounce to spare for dealing wirh the communists (in your AO) slapping the taste out of your mouth withh amnesty for illegals, while wiping their asses with the Constitution at the same time.
    Courage indeed, citizens of our Republic.

    1. Right on, bud...you got it pegged IMO. It's so extreme that I'm even pondering strategic changes for myself. I don't do that very often and I find it distasteful. Strategies should be based on goals, and big goals shouldn't change too often.

      Wouldn't that be nice if I disappeared, Alan? Then you wouldn't have to expend any energy to ignore what I say.

  2. It is tragic when any young man gets killed, period. This particular young man was in the wrong, his life ended and the young police officer's life is changed - perhaps forever but assuredly for the worse.
    Grandpa is amazed, fascinated, and saddened by how quickly those who have NEVER LOOKED DOWN A GUN BARREL AT ANOTHER HUMAN AND ENDED A LIFE, talk such big shit.
    If you have never had to, if your time in combat is all video or imagination, please God stfu.
    The only herd in this country that needs to be "culled"; is the herd of chickenshit fools. And those come in all the colors of the rainbow...
    Oh, standby, President Assclown speaks... he "joins with Michael's parents..."

  3. Respectfully, a suggestion.
    Alex Jones is a bigfoot chaser, but infowars.com has excellent and multiple livestream going on, and their people on site are in the thick of the "action" and are wearing body armor supplied by infidel body armor. No, I am not schilong for that company. Every so often, the journalists mention it.

  4. Missouri hwy patrol troop C live audio-


  5. Hmm... I distinctly remember reading that he took a blow that broke his eye socket. It doesn't look like he engaged in any type of physical confrontation to me.

    1. He didn't even have the good sense to punch himself in the face or walk into a door for the cameras...

    2. Gateway just updated the report you mentioned: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/08/breaking-report-po-darren-wilson-suffered-orbital-blowout-fracture-to-eye-socket-during-encounter-with-mike-brown/

      They are retracting the "broken socket" claim.

      As for the "bruise" on his face - if that was caused by Brown, it was - AT BEST - a blow that missed and dumped very, very little energy on Wilson's face. The average 10-year-old girl would cause a more significant injury if she connected.

    3. i read that too but faux news aired a timeline of alleged events sunday night and the broken eye socket was nowhere to be seen....

  6. You mean we're being lied to? Why, I'm appalled.

  7. Wrong, wrong, wrong......
    He does a "blown-out" right orbital, that is what
    it looks in a police state, which for some reason
    still feels the need to fabricate justifications for
    random LEO beatings, brutality and murder.

  8. There's no way he was punched by a 300# 18 year old-no effin way.
    He may have been bitch slapped-but no way did a punch with any force land anywhere on his face.
    While it does take time for bruising to occur-if these pics were taken in hospital after the shooting-it was a few hours after he was "punched",there would be swelling by then for sure.
    I had city cops beat the living shit out of me many years ago-I was bruised up for weeks-they sent EMT's into the holding cell to check me out-and took pics-about 10 minutes after it happened-so there was nothing but some red marks-and my nose was clearly broken-which I did by slamming my face against the plexiglass cell window -according to the city cops.
    So-having been on the receiving end as well as the giving end of an ass whuppin' or three-there's no way this guy was punched in the face.

  9. I've had worse places on my a$$.


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