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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Study Group VII: 13 Hours from the X

It has been just about 13 hours since the announcement.

Fire was used as a tool. 

While there were gunshots - reports of LEO coming under fire do not exist.

We shall see how things go tonight.

Outside of Ferguson: Erroneous information proves again to be more dangerous than facts.  Reports that LEO lost an AR and were taking fire from that weapon demonstrate again the importance of verifying information before acting on it.  When you let someone else tell you what is happening and you let them interpret what is happening for you - you may as well slip a hoop through your snout and hand them the leash.  Anything you do not see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears MUST be considered unfounded until you have more information.

Why is this so important?  Because when your town becomes Ferguson you will essentially be on your own.  You may have a Team with you, but your Team will likely be in the soup, without the advantages of eyes in the sky and reliable real-time information.  Your perspective will be narrow.  You can NOT permit yourself to point your weapon at people and potentially take their lives based on the information of a removed third-party.

Final note: As I look across the Commentariat I see WN has a larger footprint in the Liberty sphere than I thought.  Many people are painting with a large brush, making broad generalizations (and recommending targeting and RoE based on those generalizations) - and for a Movement that is supposedly founded on Individualism, this can not obtain.

If you only see forests out there - unfuck yourselves and start treating the individual trees as would a moral person.



  1. "I see WN has a larger footprint in the Liberty sphere than I thought."

    I wish that were the whole of it. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure you're seeing the manifestation of Collectivism...not merely in thought or principle, but in intended action. This spells HUGE trouble for Rightful Liberty IMO, even as racists themselves pose no inherent challenge to liberty at all.

    It's important to distinguish crucial differences. A racist who wants a community of like people, is no threat at all. A racist who believes his collectivist POV should be rightfully imposed on everyone else, is.

    So far, to me anyway, the most likely conclusion is, "We're fucked." But I'm always open to persuasion.

  2. I did hear news commentary stating that social media is responsible for so many lies being put out to people to fan the unrest. Perhaps, but I couldn't help but think it's just one division of the sparkly games and a way to lay another brick in gov controlling the Internet. Cynicism, it's not just for breakfast anymore. ;-)

  3. STL County PD said one of their officers was shot...


    As for the "WN" factor-just my 2 cents worth-I think a lot of it is that there are many people who see the gang-banger/thug types far too often-then assume all black people are like them.
    That's simply not the case,and there are in fact a lot of black guys who are all for restoring rightful liberty.
    I trained with a black guy for 3 years-my sister married a black guy-I have half black nieces and a nephew.
    My brother in law agrees that those involved in the games are pieces of shit-and do not represent the majority of blacks. He had no kind words for them.
    I see a huge part of the problem as there are not enough black guys involved in the liberty movement,and there appears to be zero effort to get more involved.
    That is a problem for the liberty/III% movement-as team .gov inc. will apply the white supremacist/racist label instantly because there are very,very few blacks involved-as will Mork Potok and co. at the SPLC.

    You can bet your life that team .gov inc. is going to use the same tactics on white people in large groups as they use on blacks in Ferguson.
    Team .gov inc. screwed up last night-look for the "militarized version" of team .gov inc. tonight.

  4. K,
    If you were monitoring scanner channels you heard squad's reporting in with specifics on what weapons they were carrying in said squad, ex: 2 m4, 2 m9, etc in the morning after. I wonder then if those reports were related to the weapon issue. I thought it odd that they would report squad numbers along with weapon counts which if they had an actual adversary with skills working their AO would prove problematic. It's just plain silly in the base case.

    See also the concept of Insurrection Act being floated by a General Honore. Act was modified a while back. Interesting.


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