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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Study Group VIII: Thanks for the tip, Chief...

“I don’t think we were underprepared. But I’ll be honest with you. Unless we bring 10,000 policemen in here I don’t think we could prevent folks that really are intent on just destroying a community. It doesn’t take very long to throw some kerosene in a building and burn it as you’re running past.” - St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar

An ally suggested I examine the comment above:

So, let's do a bit of analysis.  The Chief of St. Louis County PoPo doesn't run a small shop.  He's got some experience and insights.  And his statement last night was very insightful for coming events that may see Patriots on the Green.  Let's assume he simply pulled the 10,000 number from his bum. 

Ferguson has a total population of about 21,000.  The population is just a hair over 2/3 Black and just a hair under 1/3 White.  Out of 8,200 households, just under 29% of the population is younger than 18.  Just a hair over 10% of the population is 65 or older.  Starting to see a picture develop?  So we have, perhaps, 13,000 adults in the community between 18 and 65.  One would expect that only a small percentage of those people were actually on the street - but for sh*ts & giggles, lets just use 13,000.

Using the Chief's number, he needs one LEO on the street for every 1.3 adults over 18 and younger than 65, in order to stop people from burning down their own community.  But the actual number of people on the streets in Ferguson was well under 5,000 from everything I saw and every source I have read.  And the number of people who flipped cars, broke windows, grabbed televisions and set fires was very damned small in actual numbers compared to the total population.

So, the Chief is really saying he needs at least 2 LEO for every 1 person who takes to the streets.

Heh - that ain't happening anywhere in America - ever.

How are you liking the odds in your AO, folks?  Does your LEO shop have even a 1:10 relationship with your AO?  1:50?  The Ferguson shop has 53 LEO - to 21,000 residents.  1:500 anyone?

We call this the Ferguson Study Group for a reason.  Watch.  Take notes - not sides.  Consider what you see in Ferguson through the lens of the Minuteman and apply it to your AO. 

Because the men who mean to be the Masters in Ferguson Missouri are cut of the same cloth as those who mean to be the Masters of you.



  1. Take notes - not sides. I feel that COMMs, and how they are deployed will be .GOVs Achilles heel in the future Patriot games. Their arrogance and dependence on advanced COMMs can be used against those who mean to be Masters. One unarmed Russian SU-31 shut down an entire Aegis radar system with a spark gap transmitter. So it's doable.

  2. The Chief intends I think to arrest / detain them. There is another way

    1. That is exactly the point - he needs a 2:1 advantage to arrest or detain people who may throw rocks or bottles.

      Imagine what ratio he'd need to operate against people who throw 5.56/.308 (well) and have no intention of ever being arrested or even negotiating a withdrawal of his forces.

      And the moment he resorts to "another way" against people who consider John Parker to be a guiding star for the next chapter of American History...

  3. Tee hee.

    Let alone small, well trained units, with plans and objectives, operating in a cohesive manner with malice and forethought.

    1. With malice and forethought! So cool, Alan.

  4. Don't forget that the equation will be skewed even more due to the number of LEO that side with Patriots.

  5. He'd need a lot fewer if he just started trying to kill them.

  6. On a related note, retribution has commenced.


  7. This is a prime example of what it will take for us to be able to get our country moving back to a constitutional government. We have to start being front and center and in their face. It seems we have the anger as everyday something new happens to chip away at our freedoms. Why do we not have protests scheduled all over the country like what is happening now? The government is doing all this as a plan to take away our rights (Martial law)- take guns. This is a prime example of what we need to strive to do. We need to have total civil disobedience and start taking out country back. it is not a right or left issue it is an American issue. On another note it is interesting to watch them destroy stuff in their own neighborhood, when the dust is settled they aren't going to be able to go down to the little store on the corner to steal some cigars cause they burned it down, now they have to take a bus a mile or so down the road.

    1. protests do not change anyone's mind... a few years ago(inmy TEA Party days) we went to DC nearly 2mil strong... we still had 0bolacare rammed down our throats... no, protests have outlived their usefulness in my eyes... yes, just a lil over a year ago, the o'barrycades were hand-delivered to the White House but that was protest with action... action must needs be a vital part of anything we do... they have made it so...all, of course, imho

  8. Those numbers might hold true for their current tactics, but I bet he would need a lot less if they were allowed to implement a more "aggressive" response. Which would most certainly be the case if this was a matter of "evil white/christian/patriots" causing such disruptions.

  9. That's the double edged sword though.
    If they get "more aggressive", eg: shoot to kill, then they are throwing gas on an already roaring fire.Then it spirals out of control even farther, exponentially.
    We all know they are out manned, the weaponry advantage goes to them for the moment but sheer numbers would be the game and those numbers are not large as Sam points out.


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