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Friday, November 21, 2014

Ferguson Update


11.22 - 0056 EST: LEO maces Protesters - and Protesters mace 'em back.  Here's the link.

1728 EST: Gateway Pundit is doing a great job.  Here are the RoE from LEO.

Reports are coming in that the Grand Jury is expected to announce Sunday at 10 AM, and schools are being closed Mon/Tues.

Press Conference may be this afternoon.

Video of Ferguson protestors with guns, here.

More as it happens.  I'll edit this post as needed.



  1. Their parents must be so proud. Stupid dumbfucks are doing exactly what their commie masters want. How many of these idiots will have a negligent misfire or friendly fire and say the were shot by the police? Keep liquoring it up buddy, you'll be seeing double and only have one gun and you are no Doc Holiday!

  2. I'm in southern Illinois and saw something strange tonight. Three charter buses came through town being escorted by Alabama state troopers. I don't know if this is anything or not but thought i should share.

  3. It was more than likely a college sports team. Our troopers provide that service for all sorts of teams playing out of state and sometimes in state . At the larger games you will see coaches flanked by at least two and sometimes more Alabama State Troopers. The troopers volunteer for this duty and are not paid by the state to be bodyguards. I am not sure how the vehicle escort works. It must be a Bama thing because most high school teams playing "away" are escorted by their local PD to the location of the match/meet/game. LOL

    1. Thats a cool service they provide. Thanks for the info

  4. That was great, Corey; thanks. Whatever this instance was, IMO it's people doing what you did here, that will WIN this thing. Lotta computing power out there, even for Serfs.

  5. Are those microwave weapons on top of the HMM-V's?

  6. Those characters in the video really look like "high-speed operators" (tongue in cheek of course). I am not sure what the rules of engagment will be for the "empire's forces" but I bet once shots start coming from the protestor's side itchy fingers will be anxious to unleash their tacticool toys!

  7. Grand Jury has reached decision-to announce later today...



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