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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leaderless Resistance, anyone?

“The march on Saturday showed how difficult it may be to direct the actions of a young, decentralized and assertive protest movement. ” They noted that the march to the police station yesterday involved people breaking off from the crowd to go the station rather than a rally in a park with some chanting “Ain’t no justice in the park!”

RevWarIII is a polygonal battlespace, as CA has mentioned many times.

You know it.  I know it.  Not all Patriots grasp it yet - many call upon some of us to "Lead" or "Do something".  The most important lesson many of us who may or may not be perceived as "Leaders" can impart to all Patriots is this: You are the boss of you.  Do not look for me or anyone else to tell you when, where, how, why to do anything.  Rightful Liberty - get it?

Many, many players who will stand opposed to the Rightful Liberty effort understand the same "Leaderless Resistance" paradigm.  They are calling it "de-centralized". 


Not every group within the polygonal battlespace gets it.  They still remain locked in their top-down authority paradigms.  They include most politicians, LEO, bureaucrats and nearly all of the people in America who will do their best to stay out of the way when bottles and malatovs and bullets start the delivery trajectories. 

Patriots need to get it and damn skippy.  If anyone on the planet is waiting for me to issue a call to meet at X to engage Y and I'll assign tasks - you are not on the proper page of the book.  It is not my place to do so.  It is not the place of Max or Mosby or anyone else.

One day I may say "I'm going to be at X - join me if you wish".  But I will not be wearing rank insignia.  I will not be assigning tasks or issuing target lists like the folks in Ferguson.  As Jeffery noted in an email - how long do you think it would take for a SWAT Team to be on any of our doorsteps if we issued a target list such as the one issued in Ferguson?  I promise you, SWAT and DHS knows every single person and where they live who participated in building that Ferguson target list.  That SWAT Team would try to kill you or me before we implement.  We are not a protected class in this fight.

Each and every III Patriot is John Parker.  You are in full and absolute control of what you do, where you do it, why and how.  We can do such work in teams, and you may choose to select leaders within your team - but if you are waiting for a General to take the field, to tell the Ohio Militia what/when/where and issue orders to Michigan and Idaho and Georgia - you're in the wrong army. 

That simply ain't gonna happen.

Just be aware - a great many Bad People plan to fight the rest of RevWarIII in exactly the same manner.  Small groups of self-guided and self-motivated people who plan a piece of work and then run their own caper.  They will usually build their capers around spoils - be it cash or materiel that allow them to conduct the next operation, as well as enriching themselves.  They are doing it, right now.

Get yourself a good seat for Ferguson, because the Enemies of Liberty are about to demonstrate exactly how they plan to implement this part of the battle for your life and treasure - and everything you hold dear.



  1. Wisdom there, my brother. For those who don't 'get it'; you need to begin with the basics; and understand you are behind the curve - and thus a target. K, Max, Dodge, and Mosby cannot teach you if you don't know what you don't know. You and you alone will determine what you will no longer stand for, you and you alone will determine where you will stand, how you will stand, who will be near you at the outset, why you are standing up... it will happen in a hurry when it does, you won't be alone for long because many of us will recognize "it" when it arrives. It will be loud, and Grandpa says, history teaches it will likely begin as a winter campaign... "we hold these truths to be self evident..."
    Grandpa will say one more time, you are now in the location you will be in when "it" starts, and bets it will be before it gets warm in the spring... you may (or may not) have time to get more ammo, water, vittles, etc., - but don't waste any more time. The info in this and other lll blogs need to be committed to memory, PT should be well along, as should tribe building with kith and kin...
    Hey, maybe it won't be this winter. Grandpa urges you to consider what you are ante-ing up as you place that bet... maybe you have until next winter... hell, maybe it never happens. But I'm betting time is about up. A Word to the wise:  A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. Prov. 22:3

  2. "One day I may say, I'm going to be at X - join me if you wish".
    That comment is exactly what I mean.
    As was true with the victory won for the Bundy family this past spring, a coming together of forces is sometimes required.
    What I take issue with is that those who have the trusted reputation to say "I'm going to be at X - join me if you wish," have not said it for many a necessary crimes committed against free people recently.
    Make no mistake, our enemies are scoring unchecked victories constantly. And the mindset of far too many genuine patriots and allies is " after the collapse comes justice, be patient."
    Now having made that comment, if I did not have a high level of agreement and understanding, I would not have a membership.
    We are doing nothing but costing ourselves more loss, more cost and more future agony unnecessarily.

    1. Agree: Waiting for 'collapse' may age many of us out of the fight. That's a bad plan.

      By the same token, showing up at every injustice, even every "major" injustice, would deplete most of our resources before anything could be accomplished. We have to pick and choose, especially at the TOC level.

      Here's where I think many Patriots are dropping the ball - local AOs. The Habersham Baby should have had Georgians on the scene ala Bundy. None of us should have to go to Connecticut - they have enough gun owners to eliminate the threats to their guns in 24 hours - but they choose not to do so. Same-same in New York and Cali. Hell, even Bundy had more out-of-state Patriots on-scene than Nevadans. That's pathetic.

      Pick & choose where you stand your ground. Keep the focus local. Until one chooses to stand his ground, the smart play is to keep the head down and family safe.

      I won't be leaving Idaho to fight in a Ferguson - ever.


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