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Thursday, November 20, 2014


NSA says the grid is at risk to China and "...one or two other nations..."

Not "...if they work a little harder..." - but they have the ability right now.

But, don't worry.  The Chinese and Russians have no interest in us...

And the average American won't pay any attention until the TV no longer works.

That can't happen here.

Kenny has the details, here.



  1. The China Probrem...

  2. Your posts have been knockout lately IMO. Spot on, with but one tiny hitch...I don't think you give the NWO stuff enough credence. Even Bush the Elder--y'know, that's the guy who followed the same career path as Putin--made it explicit a quarter century ago. The USA isn't as we wish it to be, nor as (most of) the Founders intended it to be. ALL things are as they are.

    IOW I think you make a tiny math error by undercounting the problem superpowers by one. The problem is Tyranny; the solution is Rightful Liberty. Yeah, you already knew that.


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