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Friday, November 14, 2014

That time you've worried about - is here...

Patriots, pay attention, please.

Have you noticed how much the volume has risen, how many people are chattering and nattering, how static has risen to a jumbled staccato, but so many who are running at the mouths know little Latin, and even less Greek?

The Rubicon has been crossed, folks. 

The only defensive lines remaining to the republic - to the notions of republic and Rightful Liberty - are of Citizen Soldiers.

That's it.  Every defense that good Men tried to erect at the founding of America has been toppled by the Enemies of Liberty and the practitioners of slavery, theft and sloth.

You no longer have years to prepare.  That time is gone.  The war is begun.  The oceans do not defend us, no lines on any map in America provide safety.  There is no haven from political violence.  Your neighbor is more likely to be a snitch than an ally.

Our Caesar is upon us - be he a single man or a collection of tyrants - he is here in our midst and he means to be your Master.

You'd better be operating on the premise that a deathfight may visit you or your family at any time, from any quarter.  You'd better be ready to stand as a Citizen Soldier at any moment, or to scurry to safety when such Americans stand to be counted.  You may be caught in a crossfire at any time.  Ferguson can happen anywhere in America now - because it is not an organic event, it is a construct designed to reach an end state.  Your puppy may be next.  Your daughter.  You.

It is time to stop listening to the noise.  It is time to pack-in whatever supplies you are able.  It is time to seek out whatever essential and useful training you can get in a week or a weekend, then get back home.

It is time to close mouths, open eyes and ears, and take everything as seriously as Stage Four cancer.

The Enemies of Liberty have lifted the bag limit, and they are hunting every remnant of Liberty and Freedom they can find - that means you, and everything you hold dear.


When you think you are operating at Graduate Level in Combatives - pick a fight in a dojo.


  1. It is time to close mouths, open eyes and ears, and take everything as seriously as Stage Four cancer.

    Been operating at this defcon for good while. Hope the rest are too.

  2. I don't post much, I comment rarely, and usually only to vent and then chasten those I care about. Time has been up for a while now, and I should be at the ranch... but for the immediate time I'm in town, stocking supplies and ensuring someone skilled at arms (and who has them...) is near the grandkids and kids. But I was blessed with discernment years ago, and I can see the 'signs of the times', just as He said we would. Grandpa means it when he says whatever you need to do, do it. Be ready where you are, there's no time to change location, you are at the starting gate. Perhaps when the excitement begins you can move, time will tell. I've always figured it would be a winter event, for a lot of reasons... arm yourself, you've got a fight coming.

  3. Choose your ground, then stand and defend it. Game on. See you on the other side, or in Tir na Nog!

    You will have horses of the fairy breed,
    You will have hounds that can outrun the wind;
    A hundred chiefs shall follow you in war,
    A hundred maidens sing thee to your sleep.

  4. Matthew 24:20 "But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:"

  5. Not to be contrary, but exactly how does this all manifest itself?
    Financial melt down? Martial law declared by POTUS and how would that be initiated? A continued slow creep toward dictatorship (how long does that take to manifest itself?)? The list could go on but I remember the 1960' and early 1970's in which there was a close call of society breaking apart - again, the question is how?

    1. Anyone prognosticating the precise "how" is guessing - there are too many possibilities, variables, competing interests and X-Factors.

      The point of "It's here" is that whatever the spark or catalyst, cascading failures that will follow-on are unavoidable. And we have passed Bingo Fuel, the point of no return. However "it" manifests, "it" is imminent.

      Personally, I expect an event that significantly disrupts life as usual that begins the cascade, but the bottom may be years out, with plateaus of stability on the way down. I am not expecting a Zero-to-Apocalypse scenario.

      I don't think the American just-in-time distribution system will survive round one intact.

    2. "I don't think the American just-in-time distribution system will survive round one intact."

      i agree:

      by it's own design, it cannot survive much beyond the first hard contact... scared drivers, distribution center personnel, and point of delivery people - all scared - so who shows for work...? factor in the wanton looting of any moving trucks(think overpasses and exits) or sitting in their yards, d.c's and retail stores... remember the video of the driver yanked by the hair from his truck cab and beaten nearly to death and left on the street... armed n.g. convoy protection..? DC and state capitals would take priority for that... factor in local neighborhood looting that needs quelled...

      when the high-side of the teeter-totter drops, the brief free-fall is fun but the impact sucks bad....

      on a more better happier note, new post on the Chaplain's Page... those non-violent, ecumenical muslims, so open-minded, so ...uuuummm so... benevolent.. so NOT.


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