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Sunday, November 16, 2014

You are not as Grey as you may think...

So - you don't comment on Liberty sites.  You don't buy guns through stores requiring paperwork.  You don't use credit.  You minimize your paper trail.  You don't do this or that or X or Y as you have a finely-crafted strategy for staying off the radar of the Enemies of Liberty.

When you are in the woods, the sounds of the critters that live there fill the air.  And as any woodsman worth his salt knows, silence in the woods means the critters know a predator is in the area.

Apply that same bit of knowledge to your activity.  What don't you do that is likely to raise flags when experienced hunters are sifting the lives of people in your AO?  When talented people-hunters are looking for patterns, what patterns have you neglected to notice about yourself?  When you avoid X, you create Y - even if you protect yourself by behaving in completely random manners, you stand-out to the experienced hunter because most of your peers do not act randomly.

Is your lack of a pattern - a pattern?

Think about it tonight. 


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