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Friday, June 10, 2016

RePost: America's First SEAL & the Gestapo

RevWarIII will require that a certain percentage (III Percent) of Patriots with exceptional quest for Liberty step-up and do the Hard Things, motivated by little more than his innate values.

The US Navy SEALs were birthed from Bill Donovan's OSS in the Maritime Unit.  The Americans in the MU made modern US Naval Special Warfare a reality.

Jack Taylor, above, probably needs no introduction to any of our SEAL readers.  But for our Patriots who must endure the daily grind of trying to live up to John Parker and the original III Percent, facing all of the self-doubt that comes with this monumental task, I thought it appropriate to introduce him.

70 years ago, the first SEAL (before the acronym 'SEAL' existed) spent his Christmas being tortured in a Gestapo prison.

Heroes in general, and the heroes we need to defeat tyranny today, are average men and women who step-up to do a job that needs to be done.  We need men of Courage once more.  Average men willing to go into Harm's Way - for Liberty.

Here's the link.

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