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Friday, June 10, 2016

“Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.”

Call it identity politics, call it tribalism, call it ethnonationalism; it and Islamism are the two most powerful forces on earth.

PJB, here.

Buchanan highlights the differences between Trump and the Ryan wing of the R party.  

Trump gets it done and the Ryanites howl.  An ally recently told me privately there is a sense in the Patriot community that 'Trump is going to win and everything will be alright.'  

Anyone who believes that any politician can pull America off the course of financial implosion, Civil War, and most likely WWIII, is choosing to believe in Unicorns that poop Skittles.  Critical Mass has been reached.  The pont of no return has been passed.  We are beyond Bingo Fuel.

Lil Sammy Culper (Michael Shell US Army) advocates secession and training the next generation of Americans to fight Wolverine style - avoiding a fight for now.  (Convenient, that - so none of us in this generation have to fight or die.)   Daffy plays White Army Man in the woods and dreams of fighting the Negro Predator, when he isn't working for the King's Coin in his day job. Plea-Bargain Meth Head just waits for the next welfare check - maybe Disneyland is next on his list?  (For fcuk sake, don't they have Wal-Mart greeters in Nashville?  If you can zipline, you can wobble and say 'Welcome to Walmart!)  

The Patriot Movement is filled with Paul Ryanites - useless men who would rather be Miss Choksondik for the King's Silver than men who actually contribute to Liberty.

Never retreat.  Never explain.  Get it done and let them howl.



  1. Shell? Really? Kinda the perfect metaphor for an intellectually empty hull.

    Isn't the pig supposedly almost blind? But somehow she takes great pictures of her loser-louse on a riding mower. Gotta love it.

  2. Fuckin' brilliant!

    If any Patriot reading this believes that a Trump adminisration will fix this country and willingly slow or stop their preps better read their history books.

    Since the formation of our Republic, few in power have had the courage to stand against the powers of the central banking cartel. Jackson, Lincoln were retaliated against for their opposition to a central bank. One was spared by grace, the other paid the price.

    The last President to stand against the Fed was Kennedy. He too paid the ultimate price.

    Trump may also pay a heavy toll. Granted he is not rallying against the Fed itself, he opposes the globalization initiatives, ie.. trade deals, mass immigration, open borders.
    He also is against the UN and NATO and the wars they push. He does not want the US military to be used as a conquering force.

    So if anyone is thinking a Trump win in November will solve our problems and shifts there preps down a gear or two would be wise to learn from history. Trump may be bought off or threatened to go along with the plans or he will pay the price. An assasination would be framed on a hispanic or muslim patsy for his statements against both groups. It has been done before and will be done again considering the fact that the entire world is on the verge of their final plans. They will not allow even a President to thwart their efforts.

    The only thing that will stop them is freemen ready to die for their beliefs rather than bend a knee in chains.

  3. Wish I had thought of this
    last night, before I started to
    slip away into the shadows.
    The demublican party and rodham
    will win the general election with
    the votes of illegals aliens.
    No, it won't be a new law dropped
    shortly before game time that allows
    On election day, it will simply be, at
    countless polling places across America.
    Now what the GOP will do to stop Trump,
    well, that is another matter.
    Of which I have given my opinion
    about previously.
    The sentiment in your comment
    in the previous post is greatly
    As previously stated, I am moving
    out to continue haranguing and
    harass the communists and
    other numerous traitors in my area.
    For myself, this will go until direct
    contact, which we will all experience
    by summer's end; the sincere, the
    disingenuous, the committed, the
    posers, all of us.

  4. Let them howl, indeed. What else are they good for, anyway - if they were men having any moral stature whatsoever, they would have long ago exercised what power they had to rectify some portion of the wrongs which are heaped upon us.

    But they have taken more care for their careers than for their constituents, and have held their political promises above the covenant they made with those who elected them.

    And we have suffered them to continue in such corrupt and derelict fashion, therefore taking upon ourselves a good portion of the culpability which they have incurred in our name...

    But soon comes our rectification. For those who accept it voluntarily, it shall take a particular form; but for those who persist in denying their culpability, another outcome is prescribed...



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