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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Leftists losing their minds

Trump wins points simply because he has the power to make Marxists and idiots lose their minds.  In a post below we noted that sooner rather than later the Left would send forth their own John Parker to kick-off the festivities.  'Journalists' at both Vox and HuffPo are openly calling for violence.

Why?  Because Trump.

Anyone who can drive his enemies into such a frenzy by merely existing is doing something right.

I have the same effect on some people, though sadly most of the folks who spend every waking moment thinking about me are simply mentally unhinged and lack the mettle to bring their 'fight' to my door.  Smart, that.

If you are struggling with mental illness and psychotic obsession, I encourage you to seek help: 1-800-950-NAMI (6264)  Link

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  1. Lefty Loosie's always look for a justification for their violence... what they're not used to, is actually *HAVING* an apparent justification handed to them.

    They're not used to having an actual, worthy opponent to face off against. And that is the value of Trump - he neither ignores the freaks, nor placates/plays nice with them; rather, he calls them and their 'pet causes' exactly what they are - a pathetic mess of bullshit, in need of a serious cleanup party.

    Trump is the lens through which we are seeing the gross extent of the communist takeover of the democrat party, and also the extent to which the fascists have taken over the republican party.

    What the Trump movement shows us most plainly, is that there remains no place in American politics for those of us who are truly conservative,
    who ask nothing of our government, except that it leave us alone.

    Bearing in mind that the Commies consider Fascists to be the political right, instead of realizing that fascism is just another flavor of leftism - they do this, partly out of ignorance, and partly out of their foundational malice for those of us on the *REAL RIGHT* - I.E. those of us who prefer a government so small that we can live our entire lives without having to encounter it too often, or as it has been said, "we want a government so small that we could drown it in a bathtub".

    I say that leftists do this out of malice, and I mean it in the most prejudiced way possible - they would rather "loose" to fascists than to ever, ever have to "share the stage" with real, actual, small-government conservatism.

    And the fascists feel the same way about the commies: They prefer an enemy like themselves, rather than grant any play to an ideology which is really, actually the counterpoint to what they choose to believe in and be loyal to...

    This is what Joe Stalin and FDR set up at the conclusion of WW-II - a false paradigm of Russian "Communism" vs. American-lead European "Fascism" (I.E. NATO... which then morphed into the European Union) with the understanding that, when the time came that everyone was dis-satisfied and restless for "hope and change", that Russia and the US/EU would exchange roles - with Russia becoming Fascio-Capitalist and the US/Europe swinging to the communist side of play for a few generations.

    And thus has the deal, brokered in 1945 between two leftists world leaders, continued to overwhelm the political process and demand the attention of the polity of over half the world's population (US/EU/Russia+Allies).

    So, you ask, "if the US, EU, and Russia are really all playing off the same sheet of music, then where do the Chinese fit?" And that is the exact question which the chief politicos among the Chinese have been asking.

    Contemplate the saying, "Only Nixon could go to China" and it's incredible implications - Nixon, the former US president who stepped down to avoid impeachment for being a blatant fascist - and he was the man to go to China and broker a deal with them to open trade between our nations?!?!

    Of course. Because that made the US the hinge-pin in the triad between the three global powers. It actually acknowledged, for the first time, that China was actually to be the third power in the global governance triad. Before Nixon went to China, it was an open game for that third spot.

    Look closely and you will see the deeper significance in all this. It's not just about the power-brokers in each group cementing their own leverage and control, they are cooperatively cementing the global political stage into a particular form which leaves absolutely no room for a "third party" which could represent any form of small government conservatism....

    Because small-government is the real enemy of both Fascism and Communism. And they know it. And thus are they willing to work together to kill it - everywhere and anywhere it may pop it's head up, in the entire world.



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