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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Question of the Day

When a 'Patriot Blog' or blogger bans you from commenting, or declares you 'persona non grata' because you dare add commentary to a blog that has been blacklisted  - how do you define such censorship?

Is censorship based merely upon where you choose to comment the act of a Patriot?  Or, more aptly, a wannabe Tyrant?  Is such censorship justified - or merely the thuggish act of a small mind seeking to limit your Right of Freedom of Association?  Are these the people or ideals for which we fight?

Have you faced censorship for merely daring to comment here at III Percent?  Have you received emails with overt or veiled threats about continuing to contribute here?

Are those who censor for this reason Patriots, or petty, wannabe Tyrants?

Share as you will...


  1. They are most certainly "petty tyrants"
    and worse.
    My short list of supposed Patriot defenders
    of rightful liberty, freedom, and the rule of
    Constitutional law but live by the rule of
    censorship: the gateway pundit,
    knuckle draggin my life away,
    sipsey street (before & after debilitating cancer),
    the hill,
    conservative treehouse.
    Need I go on?

    1. Gateway Pundit, really?

      I have never commented there but do enjoy their posts.

    2. Che will receive his gold star soon enough, must suck....having one's diapers changed.

  2. WRSA, too. I can only think of a couple of instances where Peter has banned somebody. And quite frankly, they deserved it. Perhaps some evidence to the contrary? :-)

    1. I was banned from Pete's place. I can't say he banned me from commenting, because he never said and I haven't tried. But he did drop my link because of JC. Imagine that...

    2. Well, links are one thing. Commenting is another. Fill me in on the Daffy thing. :-)

    3. Daffy: There is a book coming out that focuses on White Supremacists who have worked their way into law enforcement, as the FBI warned 10 years ago would happen. Daffy figures in the book prominently, and he got his feelbads hurt when his employers were asked for a statement about employing an openly White Supremacist piece of shit in a job in which he has authority and responsibility for minorities. They never did offer a statement directly on that point, but I hear Daffy got a talking to and is under considerable scrutiny these days.

      I wonder if Maryland has mandatory routine mental health screenings for its Quislings...

  3. Fuck the frog cutters and frat boys.

  4. I have been banned repeatedly
    from 'gateway pundit,' whenever
    I posted a comment that went
    against rampant group think.
    I was banned by CA for my anti-sipsey
    comments, and after accusations
    of 'III' heresy by the suspects well know by visitors to this blog.
    Furthermoree, that gang of 'do nothing but comment' at all costs claimed I was Kerodin,
    and submitting posts hiding behind the screename 'cavmedic.'
    Anyone that pays attention to the minutiae
    my posts will recognize that the screen name
    'Cav Med' replaced the previously mentioned
    Kenny's actions, slander, hypicrisy and lies
    speak for themselves and require no elaboration.

    1. The dope dealer aka the union floor sweeper. He sure does like him some red headed hoe and fat ass blimp wife.

    2. 'The dope dealer aka the union floor sweeper. He sure does like him some red headed hoe and fat ass blimp wife.'

      AHH! That explains the pig fetish.

    3. ...and the odor. Sweet lordy, don't they sell soap where she lives?

    4. "Kenny's actions, slander, hypicrisy and lies
      speak for themselves and require no elaboration."

      Sadly true. I have also been accused of being nothing but a pseudonym for K. I find it rather humorous, considering that we have both been in the same public place at the same time, including several of Brock's Patcons, so such an accusation is nothing short of idiotic.

      But idiots rarely worry about appearing as such.
      It's their natural condition...


    5. Kenny is the stereotypical schoolyard bully who is willing to run his mouth so long as the entire playground is between him and his target.

      Close that gap and he's merely a frightened cunt. I know this to be true, because I have been in a courtroom with him for nearly five hours, and the whiny little plea-begging bitch couldn't muster the balls to look me in the eyes even once, much less open his cunt mouth in my direction.

      Holly had a singular goal when she was forced to call that hearing - to make him stop stalking her. It worked. He broke contact in the physical world because he isn't willing to pay the cost of being a man.

      The little welfare punk can yell all he wants from across the playground - he's demonstrated to us all he is simply a physical coward.

    6. Amen to that. Hilarious how Kenny likes to pretend he doesn't live on your blog watching every word you type and every comment.

      The insecure welfare punk is over at his site backpeddaling all over the place and "explaining" how there was no stalking because he personally did not make contact with Holly. Don't care what Cali law or some Cali judge says, I know I saw on his blog where he asked for pictures of your house and your address. Nothing against you K. Maybe you're a better man than me. But if it was 'my' house with 'my' wife inside, Kenny would be crapping in a plastic bag. And that's if he was lucky. More likely that pig wife of his would've had to id his ugly ass on a morgue slab.

      It might've been in that same post where Kenny said a relative took the photo he posted of your dojo. I guess sending other people with a camera to stalk for him makes it alright then. Fucker. I remember shaking my head when I read that shit. He may not of sent any emails or made any contact with your wife, but that's just a legal technicality, and I'm betting the prick knows it.

      Kenny is losing his shit over you Dude. Actually he's losing his shit over your wife. She dragged his ass before a judge to make him explain himself. The only way he's saving face is by accusing you of hiding behind her skirts. ;)

      Jesus he's pathetic. He's all talk. He could of confronted you when he had you right there in Cali on his turf. He didn't though, did he?

  5. They're just playing favorites, as far as I can tell.

    Where they fail, is in the fundamental implementation of "I don't need you to be a clone of me, ideologically - I just require that we share the same basic standard of non-initiation of violence and/or coercion."

    But, absent that simple and inclusive standard, their ability to stand in defense of real liberty is substantially impaired, because their favoritism always leads to an end-state where we can each be picked off, onsie twosie style, without mutual support, by the Commie/Fascist power machine.

    Evidence the recent situation with Lavoy who?

    In short, their position is untenable for Liberty-minded folks, and therefore acceptable to the Fascio-communist machine.

    If they but saw this clearly, they would clean themselves up and cease suckling at the teat of tyranny...


    1. I've banged heads online for years with secessionists, primarily because they refuse to accept anything less than complete collapse of USC/BoR for those who want to maintain the framework. And every single one I've tried to work with falls back to the same intellectually void straw man 'slavery and suffrage' arguments when they have been beaten in the dialectic.

      They can tell me all day long under what system they will not live and I am fine with that - but when they tell me they intend to destroy my chosen system, we have a classic 'failure to communicate'.

      Which is all pretty funny anyway when one considers that both the secessionist and I are living under a third option, dictated to us by Bad People. ;)

    2. First, let m state that I consider the 'Secessionist' position as being validly in pursuit of the same liberty which you and I desire. The difference between their visualization of that liberty and ours, comes from a different weighing of fractional value - they believe that, net-net, the Union created by our Constitution has caused more harm than good; whereas you and I believe that the net-net has been more positive than negative. I don't have to agree with them to accept the validity of their position - because neither their nor my position is a matter of clear-cut fact - there is as much individual judgement in it, as there is existentialist fact.

      I believe that, absent manifest destiny and a functional (albeit increasingly evil) Federal Government, the world would be a worse place - my pivotal reasoning is in the 1939~1952 time period. WWII, the defeat of Nazi Germany and the resultant American first-use of nuclear weapons being the determinant factor; with the alternative being Nazi German development and first use of nukes... to me, that outweighs all other imaginable factors.
      But that is a very personal extrapolation and interpretation of potential events, without which I might reach an entirely different conclusion.

      So while I cannot agree with them, neither can I dismiss their position - because both are rational, even though they are mutually exclusive.

      But in the concrete, you are correct - neither of us has our "ideal" government. Far from it, we are all captive to a destructive system which is "too big to fail" without cataclysmic consequences.

      So regardless of our personal ideals, we're all pretty well fooked under the present conditions; and as it is said, "things will get worse, before they get better..."


    3. Not only is it true, it is **THE REASON** why 'secessionists', 'Consentualists'/Anarchists, and every other stripe of xxx-ist which seriously favors small government should put aside their squabbles with the rest, and stand shoulder to shoulder against the machine.

      Because even with all of us standing together, we are seriously outnumbered... but unless/until we get past our immaterial disagreements and stand together, we are not even worth being taken seriously by the minions of Uncle Feddy, let alone those on the bridge of the USS Big Government.

      As I've stated elsewhere many times - once we dispose of the big government crowd, there's going to be plenty of room and resources for those with various conceptualizations of true liberty to assemble intentional communities and give it a try, their way.

      But if we don't stand shoulder to shoulder and face the machine, and damn soon too, then none of our ideals will ever be given a chance to earn its credence through practical implementation. Period.


    4. Well, I appreciate your sentiment. But it's not gonna happen. The anarchists are just fucking malcontents. All of them. Fortunately their number is small. So small that they would provide no appreciable support and can therefore be ignored. That is, as long as they take no actions in an effort to bring about their wet dream. Otherwise, domestic enemy. I don't find the secessionists a problem. Most of them are wrapped up in that whole 1860's thing. No real understanding of the big picture. Damn few of them have any knowledge of the Confederate Constitution and how similar it was to our original document. As far as being militias members, they never balk at taking the same oath I did to preserve, protect, and defend the present Constitution. The problem comes in with the aberrations, say a Hines. Some unholy combo of secessionist, anarchist and white nationalist. Fortunately, like the dumb ass anarchists, their numbers are small. They wouldn't contribute appreciably either and as long as they take no action, they too can be ignored.

      Don't sweat it. We got enough. We do have to act though. God will take care of the rest. ;-)

    5. Agreed. To us comes the work, and to God goes the victory.

      Knowing that He will take my best effort, and make it whole and suitable, has brought me through plenty of tough times already...


  6. Regardless, that
    I recently began dabbling
    in posting some comments
    again, the endeavor is a pointless
    waste of time and bullshit.
    Hobestly, this insignificant and
    dragging conversation surrounding
    my list of useless hypocrites makes
    me more ill than usual.
    I am outta here and off to
    continue harassing the communists
    in my AO, until the moment when the
    shit rolls over into no holds barred

    1. Stay safe - we are closer to that time than is comfortable.

    2. Agreed. We are on the bleeding edge this very moment...

      And they don't call it 'the bleeding edge' without good cause.

      As Stalin said, "God is on your side? Is He a Conservative? Because the Devil's on my side, and he is a good Communist."

      Any questions?


    3. Ask Klein whether he believes in God or not. Go ahead, ask him. ;-)

    4. Then ask him if he believes the Constitution is legitimate. Go ahead, ask him. ;-)

      Then ask yourself why the fuck you need an ally like that. Go ahead, ask yourself. ;-)


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