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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Oklahoma: Avoid while traveling

If you swear an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution, and use one of the machines being used in Oklahoma, right now, you are an Oath Breaker and guilty of Treason.

If you are a bureaucrat who processes the seizures, you are a Traitor.

If you are a politician who supports this program, you are a Traitor.

If you are a stenographer in the court room that holds these actions to be 'legal' and you choose to remain employed there, you are a Traitor.

If you are a voter who ever again votes for a politician who supports these actions, you are a Traitor lending aid and comfort.

If you are not in .Gov and you design and market tools specifically to be used to violate the Rights of your neighbors, you are a Traitor.  If you are a private sector salesman earning commissions for every system you sell to .Gov you are a Traitor.

If you are working for this company - ERAD Group, Inc out of Ft. Worth Texas - and I do not care if you design widgets, sell widgets or pour the coffee in the breakroom for $5/hr - you are a Traitor.

If you are a banker and allow this company to operate in your bank, you are a Traitor.

I hope everyone reading this piece understands just how far-reaching and deeply-tainting is the stain of Treason.

I also hope you understand how many other widgets and services provided to and utilized by .Gov fall into the same category.

The litmus test is simple: When Rights are violated if you participate or facilitate, you are guilty.

Silence and inaction may be morally repugnant - but do not constitute participation or facilitation.

But the moment you participate in or facilitate the infringement of the Rights of your Countryman, you are guilty of Treason.  

There is only one remedy for Treason, for as LT points out, it is an existential aggression.

That is all.


  1. WTF!

    Anyone associated with this company or it's use, deserves to be shot in the dick.

  2. Prepare for contact.


    1. We are outnumbered in a very ugly way...

  3. Maybe, But the world will know that freemen stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle is over, even a king can bleed.

    I apologize for the gratuitous quote but 300 was on last night. ��

    1. No apologies - 300 is always good for inspiration. ;)

  4. Do not say, "we are outnumbered..."

    Rather, say, "we are in a very target-rich environment..."

    And under such circumstances, there is no sin in running out of ammo... unless your aim is particularly poor.


  5. Hey, wait a minute. I have a brilliant idea. Let's sic the Kleinster on 'em. ;-)

    1. It would be like in 'Mars Attacks' when they drive around playing the record of the yodeling cowboy .

      Their heads would explode. :)

      Klein - The Force Multiplier

      Just ribbing you JK.

    2. Wow, I got a groupie. Too bad I don't give a shit.

      You might be surprised at what I believe about treason...it's one of the reasons I'd prefer you pick a side already.

  6. JK - RE: your position on Treason

    It has been said that, "no man is an island."

    I would further observe that, "neither is any man a country unto himself"; and even if he were, then no man could commit treason against him.

    Because (with each man being a separate country) acting against those of another country cannot rise to the state of being Treasonous - it is simply a war between very small countries.

    Thus do the leftists particularly applaud your particular interpretation of politics - because it reduces every man to a nation of one, with no sure ally upon which he can depend.


    1. Very impressive, LT...you've got an opinion on my position on treason, and even who applauds it, when you haven't the slightest idea what it is. That might make sense if I lived within your mind, but I don't so it doesn't.

  7. It's nice to see people taking notice of asset forfeiture, but it isn't new. Only the ability to take money out of prepaid cash cards is new. They've been stealing cash since early in the drug war. Many sheriff's departments have relied on that money for years. This book about it made me boiling mad 20 years ago: https://www.amazon.com/Drug-Warriors-Their-Prey-Police-ebook/dp/B001EYTJEY/

    And not only do you have to prove your money is innocent ("US v $10000"), you have a limited time to deposit a bond in order to even go to court.

    Not that taxation is any different. Extortion, under color of law.


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