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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Comms: Suburban Field Test

Just ran an informal test on the DTRs.

We had 5x5 at .68 miles.  I lost that signal completely when I turned into a single-story shopping center.  When I got about 150 away from the center, we returned to 5x5.  In our way were trees, gentle terrain dips and hills, and several buildings.

We kept 5x5 as I drove up a road parallel to H's position, .65 miles away.  I lost her when I passed another shopping center about 100 feet away, between our two radios.  As soon as I cleared that single-story shopping center and got back onto a main road (with the same sort of terrain & trees/buildings as described above) we returned to 5x5 until I returned to H's spot.

Our first impression: Quality radios.  They will be utilized in the future, especially on the TOC.


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