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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Commandos: RevWarI

That evening, a group of 30 to 130 men, some dressed in the Mohawk warrior disguises, boarded the three vessels and, over the course of three hours, dumped all 342 chests of tea into the water. The precise location of the Griffin's Wharf site of the Tea Party has been subject to prolonged uncertainty; a comprehensive study places it near the foot of Hutchinson Street (today's Pearl Street).

At the break of dawn on June 10, they boarded the ship. The crew put up a feeble resistance, Lieutenant Dudingston was shot and wounded, and the vessel burned to the waterline. The man who fired the shot was Joseph Bucklin:
JOSEPH BUCKLIN, was well known in Providence and kept a prominent restaurant, or place of resort, in South Main Street, where gentlemen resorted for their suppers. Here, too, they assembled, to discuss politics, and where, possibly, the expedition which destroyed the Gaspee, was discussed, as well as at Mr. Sabin's house, which was near it.

 The Sons of Liberty paying the local tax man - in tar & feathers.

Thomas Hutchinson: Burned in effigy and had his home ransacked.  Wiki calls this "Mob Violence", but that "Mob" was inspired by a few Sons of Liberty.

What do these acts, and many like them in the years leading to and into the Hot part of RevWarI have in common?

Small groups of men who dared to go into harms way and stir the passions of their Countrymen, leading to action.  They interrupted the commerce and morale of the enemy.  They made the enemy afraid.

None of these guys would probably ever make it through BUDs or Special Forces Q Course.  They were merchants, farmers, dock hands, restaurateurs, printers. 

It is not their training that made them Commandos.  It was the balls they had and the willingness to take point.  The tasks defined them - not some obstacle course.  In WWII many of these guys would have earned the title "Commando".  As I read the history of what they dared to do - I call them Commandos.

If you are a sincere, genuine, red-blooded America III Patriot - you have everything you need to earn the title "Commando".  You simply have to do the work.  That's what Leaders do.

And remember the original meaning of the word 'commando' = 'militia'.



  1. I'm reading a book right now called, AMERICAN INSURGENTS AMERICAN PATRIOTS THE REVOLUTION OF THE PEOPLE, by T.H. Breen. It tells about the populace who went out there and laid the ground work for the RWI years before it actually erupted. It tells how the groundwork was laid to bring people into sympathy with the cause. It also suggests that the people actually brought the known leaders to be much more harsh with their dealings with England than they would have been on their own accord.

    Who were the people who powered all of this? Yeoman, farmers, in other words, every day working people. I had to chuckle when I read about a man named Samuel Thompson, who thought enough wasn't getting done and he took it upon himself, "without receiving orders from higher-ranking officers-not even those who spoke for the new provisional government of Massachusetts-Thompson decided that he would capture the HMS Canceaux, a small British warship that provided protection for those in Falmouth who supplied General Gages's troops in Boston with food and fuel." Thus sparking a little know dust up called Thompson's War in the spring of 1775. It really came to nothing, but the fact that he just did it, without waiting for anyone, speaks volumes, doesn't it?

  2. it does and it's my contention that such will be the case when the next chapter of our history is written... given the ability to record, store, retrieve and share information today, the liars will have a much harder time rewriting their spun version of events...

  3. LOL, in a good kind of way. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

  4. K- After reading your piece. https://eatgrueldog.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/let-it-come-to-war-ii/ I will, in the future I think, try one with a little less anger and more constructive.

    1. You can, of course, "tone it down" if you wish. Personally, I would not do so for any other reason than if you think it will help us fix Liberty in America.

      You have to be who you are, say what you think in your heart needs to be said, and when it needs to be said. Being part of the flock is ok for some people. Others are destined to take point and have the flock follow.

      I go through periods here at IIIPercent when I am mellow, and when I am spitting nails.

      There probably won't be any telegraphing when I finally put out the call that "K will be at X on Y date to punch a tyrant in the piehole Come if you are so inclined."

      But that is a piece of Destiny. It's going to happen. It may happen in an emotional fit in the face of some latest outrage, or it may come as a result of cold, hard analysis - but it will come. But it will happen when I choose.

      You have that same power. Be honest with what you feel, be cautious not to bring the system down on your head until you are ready - your readers will trust you if you are honest and never bullshit them.

      Stay the course.

    2. in a word: inevitability ...

      I don't generally say too much about certain things lest my mouth create an over-draft that other parts of me cannot cover... with that confession made, I will say that I share that same sense of inevitability - "it will happen"... don't really want it, nor am I actively seeking it... but........

  5. Not tone it down, but rather make one more pertinent to what you wrote. That is an excellent and bold piece that you penned. I was thinking more inspirational than angry. The muses are fickle though and that may or may not happen. Regards.


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