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Monday, December 29, 2014

Five Assassination Attempts on Police and Firefighters since NYC Executions

Maybe False Flags...

Maybe some people are just tired of tolerating the shit...

...maybe you just reap what you sow...

Here's the link.



  1. The gateway pundit is no less a copsucker than bob owens.
    Their mods and writers are likeminded
    shitbag statists of the BO strain.

  2. The conservative treehouse seems to be for liberty some of the commentors haven't woken up yet but the main guy Sundance seems to know that the police are out of control...

  3. Demons and trolls of every stripe are roaming freely these days, and make as much noise as they please; they no longer fear any consequence, and casually scoff at those who warn of the precipice upon which our society presently teeters. Both the statists and the "anarchists" suffer a madness of insatiable appetite, and by this appetite shall their ultimate ends be dictated.

    When it comes they will claim ignorance, and plead mercy; but every one of us who understands the implications of an incomplete counter-revolution is duty bound to deliver them to the fate they have chosen. They would do no less to us; so let them be warned that, as they would have it, there shall be no quarter. VICTORY OR DEATH

  4. History is written by the victor let that be motivation to stand up for what you believe in


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