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Sunday, December 14, 2014

If you can't handle the brutal truth, read no further...

What is it that pushes the nation leftward even when conservatives win at the ballot box? The permanent powers and the deep state.

While there are conservative enclaves within the major media, they are few. Our mammoth bureaucracy — 22 million municipal, county, state and federal employees — has a vital interest in the preservation and growth of government.

Add up the beneficiaries of all social programs, and the number now approaches 100 million. They don’t tend to stay committed to folks who will take away what they have come to depend upon.
Higher education is dominated by tenured leftists and radicals. The Ivy League is “No Conservative Need Apply” country.

Our popular culture, from movies to music to TV, is dominated by the left. Conservatives in Hollywood meet in catacombs.

Of particular note is PJB's final line: The kid may be right...



  1. Question: What does outlawing personal firearms
    ownership and confiscation result in?
    Answer: The black flag of ISIS forcibly held up
    by hostages in Sydney, Australia. This is happening now.
    A live news feed link is avaiable at Drudge and RT.com.
    The supposed US news media, Zzzzzzzz......

  2. Everyone here remember “The Sting”? You knew it was a hustle, everyone in on it knew it was a hustle, even the people being hustled knew it was a hustle, yet it still went down, because the hustlers never admitted it was a hustle, Gruber blinked & violated the unspoken oath amongst the hustlers, he let the cat outta the bag, and the “stupidity of the American voter” hasn’t batted an eye, WTF!?! attribute to: flicker rate, fluoride, GMO, State sponsored education(read indoctrination) whatever the reason, he’s right,...and those who know, you and me, we’re fooked, by our glazed eyed, asleeple ‘countrymen’ who will extinguish every 'brushfire of freedom’ that is lit under their sedentary, lethargic, dumbed-down asses. It’s a numbers game as Pat has clearly stated, the odds are never in our favor.
    Richard R Deaver


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