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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


H.R. 758 calls the President of Russia an "authoritarian" ruler of a corrupt regime that came to power through election fraud and rules by way of repression. 

Is this fair, just or wise? After all, Putin has twice the approval rating in Russia as President Obama does here, not to mention the approval rating our Congress. 

Damning Russian "aggression," the House demands that Russia get out of Crimea, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Transnistria, calls on Obama to end all military cooperation with Russia, impose "visa bans, targeted asset freezes, sectoral sanctions," and send "lethal ... defense articles" to Ukraine. 

This is the sort of ultimatum that led to Pearl Harbor. 

Why would a moral nation arm Ukraine to fight a longer and larger war with Russia that Kiev could not win, but that could end up costing the lives of ten of thousands more Ukrainians?
Those who produced this provocative resolution do not belong in charge of U.S. foreign policy, nor of America's nuclear arsenal.

Here's the article.

As I have said - Man is destined to destroy itself.

We permit the most stupid mouthbreathers among us to control the levers of society. 

We deserve what this way comes...



  1. As I have written time after time; The global "powers that be" WILL Nuke us before they allow the global imperium to fall. They, like Hitler before them, believe that we lessor forms of life are unworthy to live without their controlling hands to steer us, and besides, THEY think that they can ride out the "war" safe in deep shelters and arise in 50 years or so to find us living in caves just panting to be ruled by the new G_D kings.---Ray

  2. Our involvment in Ukraine, right on Russias door step is immoral, reckless insanity. I guess the race is on, will it be counter-revolution/Civil War here in the US, or WWIII? "The Fourth Turning" heats up.



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