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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


My email to you bounced back - it's probably something on my end since it has happened to several people I communicate with regularly.

Here's what I wrote about your blade:

It is an excellent blade, I sold many of them through III Gear.  When I begin selling blades again through IIIGear this will be one of the offerings.

And for $60, you can't go wrong.  It's a tough and gritty fighter.


  1. PP: shoot me an email if you can. I lost your address and have a package for you. Thanks

    1. interesting you should contact me - i just got done reviewing and tossing a load of emails, came across yours from some time ago and saved you to my addrs.... email to follow shortly

  2. K, email issue was mine - saved cache was full so i tossed a few... thanks for the help... swag received in perfect order Friday last... III pin rests on the left lapel of a sport coat i wear... the III cap has started conversations most end with a raised brow and a look of don't you have better things to do... lol nothing more timely than trying to help save our nation one sheeple at a time while endeavoring to rescue the spiritually perishing...


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