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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Earn your bones: Ukraine - Check. Senkaku...

Golitsyn.  Oh, never mind.

I counseled Patriots to watch China for signs they were moving on Senkaku in the wake of Ukraine. Such a move, I posited, would telegraph that China and Russia were moving together.

Here's the column.  Draw your own conclusions.

Personally - I am not sanguine that Washington DC will remain radiation-free for my lifetime.  Not that I am completely opposed to such an outcome.  Color me conflicted.  ;)

Folks, in all seriousness, the Bear and the Dragon are allied, and 'regional hegemony' is not what's for breakfast.  You are on the menu.  Plan accordingly.

You have been warned - repeatedly.

Oh - and Russia has no interest in us - they still move their troops by trains!


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