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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Government Charity

"Choose your associates carefully. Your next door neighbor on the guvmint dole, your relative, or the one who flies the flag every chance he gets – each will rat you out in a heartbeat.” – WRSA Reader

The quote above is currently atop WRSA, here.

Sometimes it takes a while for patterns to be recognizable.  Here's one: Most of the head-banging I have encountered in the Patriot community is with "Patriots" who in some way, shape or form have monetary ties to .gov.  Be it a salary, a retirement, Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, (Don't take more SS/Med benefits than you have paid into the system) or .gov contracts - I have found that "most" people who accept taxpayer money have a quantifiably different worldview.  The rhetoric may sound similar, but after one scratches the surface, the differences in brain wiring are on display.

Choose your associates carefully, indeed.


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  1. Today I was released from employment by a .gov agency. FEELS GOOD!!!!!!!


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