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Monday, January 12, 2015

General Update

There is a III Society Update over at the blog, here.

A few blurbs, to be followed by proper announcements as appropriate:

All of you who plan to train at Studio III will receive a discount if we have trained together before, or if you are a member in good standing of the III Society.

T.O.C. Redoubt Tour: Look for the T.O.C. to tour various locations during 2015 in the Redoubt and beyond.

Citadel: Yes, we have been quiet about the Citadel.  We never wanted Drudge exposure - but it is what it is.  III Patriots continue to grow this project, and if you have supported these efforts in any way in the past - thank you.  The foundation of the project continues to grow - quietly.

Redoubt PatCon: At some point this summer there will be a PatCon/Yapfest/Get Together in the Redoubt.  All III Patriots are welcome.  Anyone with interest in the Citadel, III Arms, Studio III, or the other projects running under the III banner are encouraged to make Idaho a family vacation destination and join us when we get together.  We'll talk, and much more.  A full agenda will be announced once the details have been sorted.  You can be present as we break ground for multiple...

IIIGear: Packages shipping (III Militia tabs, caps, and a few assorted orders).  We have deliberately not promoted IIIGear in recent months, simply because the logistics of satisfying orders while moving to the Redoubt would have been insane.  When we settle into our new offices, we'll be offering our traditional IIIGear line-up, as well as offering Rothco gear, and several additional lines of products useful to III Patriots.



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  2. First person with the most accurate translation will win the SOCP Knife I recently reviewed.


  3. I put the spaces in correctly, but it didn't come out that way. Oh, well, a puzzles a puzzles a puzzle, right? ;-)

  4. The way the spaces between the dots and dashes came out in the online text I don't think it can be deciphered by anyone who actually has a life. ;-) The spacing is supposed to be three spaces between letters and seven spaces between words. The words on the second, third, and fourth lines all ran together. Sorry, meh.

    Second line, two words, first word has 6 letters, starts with a P ends with an e, second word has 7 letters, starts with an f, ends with a d.

    Third line, two words, first word has 5 letters, starts with a v ends with an a. Second word has 5 letters starts with a v ends with an n.

    Third line, two words, first word has 5 letters, starts with and e ends with an l. Second word has 2 letters, starts with an m.

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