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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Brock has a link to ZeroHedge detailing the most recent move by Vlad and Russia.

Six countries had their gas from Ukraine shut off - in January.

Honey?  Where did I put those old emergency stove camping heater pellets?  Yeah, that's going to help.

If you've never really played or watched serious political hardball, or watched as a world runs head first into a meat grinder, just watch Russia.  School is in session.  You are watching it all happen now, real-time.

Bullets rarely kill more people in a war than cold, hunger and disease...


Oh - and don't worry.  None of this sh*t could ever splatter on us here in the USA.  Afterall, Russia still moves their troops by train!  HA!


  1. Well I live near Camp Grayling. 2 years ago I witnessed Antonov AN 124's flying in and out of the airfield there. Went on for several days. It had me up at night for weeks.


  2. the "dead" cold war has a pulse, a body temp of something very close to 98.6F and is animated once again... interesting to see what happens next

    1. My guess---a merger. Maybe NWO means just what it says.

      Probably not until the US goes completely broke, though. What happens in the intervening year or two is anyone's guess...no doubt a very Candid Exchange of Views.

    2. our singular most glaring and accessible weakness is our Liberty when left unattended... even Nikki knew this back in the '50's and '60's... they helped inject our system with the falsehood of total tolerance for total Liberty while at the same time infiltrating our general philosophic system(mainly the public UNeducation system) and beyond... now they "rule the roost" so to speak right up to influencing and directing the imposter in our White House... 30 years earlier than that, the leninists were repelled at our borders and deported, many from Ellis Island... a "new world order" indeed...

      2 thoughts emerge for me: 1) all they need do now is sit and wait while we destroy ourselves from within and, 2) hope that the Liberty seeking numbers don't grow and become a unified, focused force to be reckoned with and answered to...


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