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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hypocrisy is indeed the tribute that vice pays to virtue

What he said, and how he said it:

When Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel, and killed him, he was not attacking the First Amendment freedom of the press, but rather Hamilton, for defamation of Burr’s character, which had helped to destroy Burr’s career.

What the commentators seem to be saying about the assault on Charlie Hebdo is that not only is what is spoken or published protected by the First Amendment, but those who print and publish vile things must never suffer violent consequences.

People who believe this is attainable are living in a dream world, and may not be long for this one.

Here's the link.

And here is another relevant link on the topic, and the polygonal battlespace.

And if you can't connect the dots between the White Death and our reality, I simply can't help you.



  1. You and WRSA caused an issue at damninteresting.com/white-death/

    "Logging in and commenting temporarily disabled due to server overload"

    I've already read about Simo Haya-he was a rifleman.
    Took me several attempts to get the page to load at all,kept getting a server down message.

  2. Anyone can suffer violent consequences for anything. I'm pretty sure the key to that, is defending against the violence..

    Further, anyone who would initiate the violence based on what someone thought--whether said or written or imagined to be thought--is by definition an Enemy of Rightful Liberty.

    And even more: "We are what we do, not what we say we do."


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