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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Use the Internet? No 2A for you, Whackadoo...

You will remember in the wake of Sandy Hook that American gunners went a little nutty, expecting FedGov to make a major national move on 2A.  Every shelf in America was cleared of everything 2A.  Take a moment and let the enormity of that sink in - every handgun, rifle and shotgun and the rounds to feed them, that were suitable for defense and combat in America, sold out.  Builders ran dry on parts.  Production came to a back-logged nightmare, grinding to a halt.

This blog did not expect any serious FedGov attempts on 2A - and we took a lot of heat for our analysis.  We posited that the plan was far more clever and sinister, that States would move on legislation and that FedGov would move behind the scenes to broaden the pool of 'Prohibited Persons' using Mental Health as the mechanism.

We were proved correct in just weeks after Sandy Hook.  You will remember that 'professionals' began working on new mental health standards quickly.  They decided, in their professionalism, that anyone grieving the loss of a spouse or child for more than 2 weeks was mentally unstable. Remember that?

Now they are moving again in this realm, and internet users can now be deemed mentally ill with ease.  Larry has the details, here.

Polygonal, folks.  You forget this at your peril.


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  1. You are definitely right about .gov inc. using "mental health" to expand the number of "prohibited persons. Between this latest BS,the NY state SAFE act,the BS Bloomberg and co. duped clueless voters in Washington state into passing because it will help save the children and stop crazies from getting guns-there are more efforts to undermine second amendment rights than ever.
    At the state level,there's all kinds of absurd shit being introduced,most of it never gets out of whatever committee it's sent to-but sooner or later-these draconian measures will make it out of committee.
    Let's not forget all the changes to state and fed laws being attempted to increase the number of prohibited persons-like In Ca. a family member can call the police and say that you present a danger to yourself or others,and shouldn't have guns-and you lose your guns...

    I've been telling people for years that .gov inc. is making so many things felonies,and enacting such BS laws,that each year,the number of "prohibited persons" grows larger.

    At least there's some hope due to gun owners in NY,Conn,and Washington state openly defying these BS laws.

    Thanks for the mention and link back to my blog.


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