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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

III Society: Dragon Leatherworks

The III Percent Society is determined to be a meeting place and network of serious III Patriots who respect the ideals put forth at our founding, ideals such as those put forth in the DoI.  We intend to support III Patriots as we demand that our Liberty not be infringed.  We also intend to embrace, support and promote serious III Patriots who understand the virtues of quality craftsmanship.

Craftsmen take pride in their work, and America was once filled with such people.

The III Society is proud to announce that Dragon Leatherworks is the 'Official Holster & Sheath Craftsman" for the III Percent Society for America.  Dragon Leatherworks is owned by a serious III Patriot and a serious Craftsman.  He has graciously offered a 5% discount on his custom leather products for III Society members.  Look at the holster below he made for Wirecutter:

Read Wirecutter's review of the holster, here.  Kenny is one of those Patriots I would trust at my back, one of those guys I'd leave my home to go help in a crisis, and one of those guys who has proved to us all time and again, he doesn't suffer fools or lie.  You can trust his assessment, as do I.

The Samurai believed in 'practical elegance'.  Not elegance for the sake of elegance - everything they owned had to serve a purpose and serve it well - such as their swords.  But they also insisted that their possessions be aesthetically pleasing while remaining absolutely practical.  It looks to me like Dragon has found that spirit.

Consider the impact of attending an open carry event (or your local Green when the time comes) with your sidearm of choice nestled in a work of art that is beautiful, functional, and carries the logo that tells the man next to you who you are deep in your Soul - a III Patriot.

Our thanks to Dragon Leatherworks, and to Wirecutter for his review.

I ask you all to support Patriot businesses whenever possible.  Dragon Leatherworks deserves your patronage.  You know you need another holster...



  1. I've looked at the stuff from Dragon Leatherworks site,and it all looks like some really top of the line work,not many people put that kind of effort into their products.
    It's always better to support Patriot businesses and local businesses,unless the local business is a supporter of those trying to take our freedoms away.

  2. Just a question K and that is you were telling us of not supporting those who are Patriots in name only I think it was in your IFF post...These guys( Dragon Leatherworks) looks like they value Bob Owens opinions so I'm a little confused...What's your thoughts?

    1. I don't think Dragon is a Patriot in name only. If I did, I wouldn't have endorsed him and his work, and I would have never supported his affiliation with the III Society.

      Remember that the website for Dragon is not a personal site - it is a business site. As a business owner his work was recognized as quality by a gun writer and promoted - a good thing for a business. A business owner who accepts the good will of people who support and promote his business is not necessarily married in lockstep to the full worldview of the supporter.

      Base your assessment of Dragon (and everyone else) upon your direct and personal interactions and observations, not simply on third-party associations.

  3. Me and Dragon exchange emails daily and I've gotten a good feel for him. If he wasn't what I know him to be, he wouldn't have an ad on my site.

  4. Thanks K and Wirecutter.

    Lineman...I used to keep a blog. Well ,I tried to at least, but it is a time-consuming pastime, and when you're trying to stay above water in a nascent business that, really, produces things that are luxury items for folks that want to really dress up their prized sidearms, well....time is better spent working and feeding hungry mouths.

    That being said, I would like to point you to my blog (its still up, and anyone can read it) but specifically, the post in the following link.

    You see...I'm the first born son of immigrants to this country, who escaped communist Yugoslavia in 1956. The post gives a nutshell of the events that my dad and his parents endured. My mom came here in '58, when it was a little easier (the difference of 2 years was huge regarding Yugoslavia allowing folks to emigrate out.)


    That post is me in a nutshell. Decide what you will of my character from that, and from the rest of my blog.

    1. Roger That....Thanks...Why I had a question in the first place was that K was whaling on Bob Owens earlier so when I saw you had his opinion(Owens) on your homepage I had to ask what was going on...Had nothing to do with your character...


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