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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Realistic Training

This Patriot will not go out easyily.  
I've left the polls on the right sidebar until I had the time to synthesize the results into a proper post.

The results of the polls reveal much, and if you are not encumbered by too much Ego, the results can lead you to training that is necessary even if not necessarily as sexy as running your AR.  If you want to be able to run that AR in the real world when WRoL degenerates into full-blown SHTF, you'll need more than fast transitions and 20,000 rounds of ammo in your secret squirrel cache.

Here are some take-aways from the polls:  Respondents are satisfied with their rifle and sidearm skills at rates of 84% plus.  That is good.  How realistic those numbers are is another matter.  We all know shooting on a square range is not the same as shooting from prone.  And shooting from prone after walking to your favorite shooting spot is not the same as shooting prone after 2 miles of fast-paced get-out-of-Dodge under a full ruck in the heat of summer or the cold of a winter snowstorm in Wyoming while bad guys are hunting you. Make sure you are realistic with yourself.

Just about 1/3 of respondents admit when they go to the Green it will be with only one buddy. Another 1/3 are confident they will have 2 buddies - for a 3-man team.  Only 25% expect to have a 4-man team.  I think everyone understands how much badness is in these numbers.  If you are in this situation - build Tribe.  Only 24% have established IFF protocols with at least one person in each county surrounding their own.

Two-thirds believe they can set, spot and de-fuse the most common booby traps.  A full 85% are comfortable with their building/camp clearing skills while working in a team.  91% can land navigate with a compass, and a strong 83% are comfortable they can do it at night.  But the confidence level drops to less than 2/3 when you add hostile OpFor to the mix.  Obviously, some night work is in order.  Just over 3/4 are comfortable with their patrolling skillsets.  Just over 1/2 of respondents believe they could E&E out of a hostile AO while being hunted by their own team.

Fewer than 1/2 can use a OTP.  The numbers for those who have established pipelines for barter items is bad - just bad.  If proponents of Liberty rely only upon combat skills to win RevWarIII, we'd all better get ready for a long, cold winter.

Scary numbers: Only 58% are comfortable with their 2,3 and 4-man team skills.  Why?  Max offers Team Training constantly.  Only 43% are comfortable with their Comms skills.  Why?  Sparks has classes scheduled all year, around the country.  Combatives - 54% are comfortable with their skillsets.  When it comes to Combatives there is no excuse - there are schools all over America, and while most are not suited for teaching hardcore combat-effective skills for a life/death environment - ALL of them can probably teach you more than you know now.  6 months in any Krav studio in America will prepare you (and get you in better shape!) for 'most' people who may ever choose to put their hands on you.

Patriots: Not one single member of OpFor or their Useful Idiots is ever going to help you survive or prevail.  It's on you.  If your skills are weak in any area, it's on you to get up, go forth and work on them.  There are plenty of serious, high-quality trainers available, all over the country.

Training is NOT a matter of taking a class and being crowned an expert.  Training in the martial/combat skills is a lifestyle.  You will never know it all - but you need to know more than the guy trying to kill you and take your wife and daughters.  If you lose a fight because you chose to watch the Super Bowl rather than improve your combat pistol skills or putting in 4 hours of work in a dojo - or even worse, because you get lost in the local park and freeze to death because you never bothered to improve your compass skills - it's on you.  And when the winner vanquishes you and sells your women and girls to the local Democrat National Committee chapter for their 'entertainment' flop houses - well, it's on you.

You will be tested.  Life is a bitch - and Americans are in for a lesson in Reality not seen in this country for more than 150 years...


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  1. I shit you not: in the small rural area that I live in (and probably a sampling of all areas) I can only count one other person (out of aprox. 50 full time residents) that are even willing to speak about what this site proposes much less 'train' or prepare in any meaningful manner. Normalcy bias I suspect but the norm: where does that leave the (small) rest of us? I (and one other) keeps doing what we do and maybe act as leaders if and when .............but I also suspect that some of us (here) may turn against each other and the results will not be pretty especially when the real threat is from the outside. Just my .02 worth.


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