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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Most Likely Trigger for WRoL & SHTF - Bubbles

"We've had two huge bubbles that collapsed already in this century," he said. "When this third bubble collapses—and surely it will—I believe that will be the day of reckoning. The credibility of all this central-bank-dominated, Wall-Street-coddling policy will be totally repudiated, and maybe then we can clean the slate and start over." - David Stockman, here.

The masses in America will not begin to take action in RevWarIII (which has already begun) until hardship touches their lives directly.  And not mere hardship will do to get Americans angry enough to get off the couch, much less leave the porch.  The average American (and American Patriot) will not go to the Green until he is faced with the inability to cover the basics of life - see Maslow.

John Parker was 46 years old when he walked to the Green in April 1775.  He had 75+ Militiamen who walked with him.  The men who assembled had to do much more than jump in a truck and drive a few minutes to the X.  Most of them lived miles from town center, and either walked or rode to be there.  (Can you muster 75+ Patriots who will meet you on the X today?)  There was effort involved simply in getting to town.  Hardships had to be endured - for a man on the Green is not tending to farms and livestock.  John Parker would be dead fewer than 5 months later.

When the next economic bubble bursts it will be an F5 event, because there are no more rabbits in the hat. When printing dollars no longer works to push debts into the future, every American will be faced with threats to the basics of life.  Hot war will be the only remedy.  Enemies of Liberty mean to have a war to obfuscate the theft of global wealth in an attempt to avoid a rope around their necks.

Everyone else will take a side, one way or another.

The economy today is an abject fraud - smoke held in place by nothing more than hope and lies.

It will fail.

When that happens brother will turn on brother again.

I hope you are doing everything you can do to be prepared for that day, which is imminent.



  1. The banks and the idiots on Wall St are doing the exact same thing with car loans now that they did with home loans-people who have no income other than SNAP and TANF-(welfare)- and maybe a part time,min. wage job,are being given car loans.
    The same banks,and the same borkers..uhhh brokers are bundling those "subprime car loans" with slightly less risky loans,and selling the package as an "A" rated investment.
    Those selling metals on paper have supposedly sold the same bars of gold to multiple buyers,same with other metals like platinum.
    When this comes crashing down,and it is going to-it ain't gonna be a slow slide-it's gonna be a sudden drop-and trillions of dollars in pension funds,IRA's etc. will be wiped out-just gone in an instant.
    There will be no .gov inc.bailout this time-there are not enough assets to over the losses,and no one's going to accept the "full faith and credit of the FUSA in lieu of tangible assets-it doesn't matter how much $$$ is printed.
    It will be the new and improved version of '08.

  2. They consider us all serial numbered, barcoded cattle, no more. In their view, those among us who kick the milking pail are fit only for their table, as meat. If you disagree with this premise, then in Sam's famous words, "you need to unfuck yourself". Seriously. Since the first of the year, multiple states have been filing notices of lien against peoples' "Social Security Accounts" upon the unfounded allegation of "unpaid state taxes", folks. And this, without any due process of law. If, as I am so often informed by the raving leftists, "social security is a RIGHT of the people", then how can a state encumber my "right" to receive Social Security payments, and particularly, how in the hell can an individual state do so without due process of law, when SSI is a "Federally granted Right"?
    Besides all the ways in which this makes your head spin with rage in regards to their political thuggery, let it also soak in how very desperate things are becoming fiscally in many of the states themselves, that they are pursuing such extreme measures to collect tax revenues.

    ...and it is indeed near; even at the very gates.

    1. There's also the horsepucky that as old folks, who tend to accrue lots of medical bills, pass away-their adult children are not only being pursued by bill collectors-states are sending bill collectors as well if Medicaid paid any of those bills and/or if the old folks had been forced to rely on SNAP-(food stamps)- after their retirement accounts were vaporized in '08.
      What kind of shit is that?
      Filing liens against retirement funds that a person is owed by the social security account that they paid in to for 20,30,40 years-or more makes no sense-it's the state grasping at straws.
      Then there's this...
      How can SSI be a "right"-when the acronym stands for (Supplemental Security Income)-and is for those who either did not work enough years-or never worked at all- to have the required "credits" to receive SSD-(Social Security Disability)- benefits?
      How can they file a lien on SSI? That is equal to .gov inc. filing a lien against .gov inc. WTF? It's quickly coming unglued
      In Ohio we have RITA taxes which is where several cities/towns/villages declare themselves a "regional income tax area"-which means that you owe them taxes,even after paying the taxes in the city you live in-it's freakin insanity-they come after people for as little as $100.00-they just turn it over to a collection agency.

      It' all gonna come crashing down-and it ain't the fall that's the problem-it's the sudden stop at the bottom.


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