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Friday, January 30, 2015

The largest domestic Army in America: Taking it up a notch

NYPD is fielding a "Strategic Response Group" of 350 LEO, specially trained in tactics not taught to regular patrol LEO, armed with full auto gear, and given a mandate.  This is 'optics dropping'.  This is straight-up Paramilitary Assets and RoE being set forth upon the American public by those who mean to be Masters.

If you love Liberty, anywhere in NYPD-held territory should be considered a No-Go zone, unless you are there on a caper on behalf of Liberty.

Read the details at GameGetter's site, here.

You see the battle lines, yes?  Anyone accepting tax dollars as salary is not your ally - not when it gets real.



  1. Whoa there Kerodin. You keep pointing out the tax dollars thing and you will be shunned like the few of us who have been saying that for years.

    1. Believe me - the shunning by .Gov parasites has already happened on my end. ;)

  2. You know there's some kind of devious shit going on since both Bratton and DeBlasio support this,either that or the new mayor is like Bloomberg thinks it's his own private army-to be used to enforce the communist BS he's so fond of.

    Thanks for the mention and the link.

  3. The average cop keeps getting dumber and dumber - I read very recently that the average IQ of a patrolman (nationwide) is currently 100, whereas I read not too long ago that back in the 1980s it was 110. (both were FBI stats) Meanwhile, the sheer volume, as well as the intentional complexity of the law have each increased by orders of magnitude, particularly in the communist city-states of NYC, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, etc.

    You can loose a lot of integrity in a gap that large.

    Cops now effectively follow orders, period. They have little or no functional understanding of the priciples (let alone the details) of the law in general, and precious little working knowledge of anything but the most frequently violated statutes in their juresdiction.

    We no longer have Peace Officers, for the most part; we have armed thugs who believe they are above the law, and stick together like the blue mafia which they have devolved into.


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