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Thursday, February 26, 2015

April 19

April 19th has a history in America.

Patriots are proud of 1775.

1993 was a turning point in America.

1995 was an outrage for other reasons.

April 19, 2015 is coming fast, and Enemies of Liberty are already lining-up the hammers to swing at us all in just under two months.  The Enemies of Liberty have all the resources, including the microphones. They intend to do us harm.

Have you considered how you intend to respond this year?  Are you going to lie back and think of England?  Are you going to merely grumble online and be grumpy around the house and family because you are being maligned by your ideological enemies - enemies who intend and work every single day of their miserable fucking lives to eradicate all you hold dear?

No - it is not yet time to shoot the bastards.

Nor is it time to sit and pop Xanax while merely pounding the keyboard.

We have serious Patriots all across America.  Some of you have one serious buddy.  Some have two or three.  Some of you have more, or militia.  I am not going to tell you what to do on April 19.  That isn't my place.  But I am going to tell you this: DO FUCKING SOMETHING.  DO FUCKING SOMETHING in every state, in every county.

Do SOMETHING that lets the Enemies of Liberty know you are NOT responsible for Timothy McVeigh.  Do SOMETHING that tells the world you ARE John Parker, NOT some some victim who will EVER be Waco'd.  Do SOMETHING that makes it clear to the world you will NEVER bend knee and lick the hand that offers to feed you.

You MUST do SOMETHING that telegraphs to the world you mean it when you say Liberty or Death.

You have to decide what that SOMETHING will be.

While you consider your course in life, while you consider what that SOMETHING may be, read and consider the plan being offered by CA & Co., here.

Freeman or Slave/Subject.  The choice is yours.

If you choose Slave/Subject - do us all a favor and eat a bullet.



  1. I agree, K!! Everybody do something!! LGOP's everywhere. We are here and we are not going away!!

    Texan III

  2. FCC Votes In Favor Of Rules Aimed At Enforcing ‘Net Neutrality’
    When you wake up tomorrow morning, the GOP capitulation on DHS funding will be complete (no surprise) and a "clean bill" will have been passed; free and clear of dealing with illegal immigration in even the most reserved, impotent and basic way.
    However, take comfort in knowing that it's not time to
    shoot the bastards yet.
    Remember what Burgess the Wise once said, "well, you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled first."

  3. Before we can have another Lexington and Concord moment, those men of good conscience who are still working for the machine need to step up, and provide us with the necessary fore-warning so that we may assemble and press the govvie goons into the moment of testing.
    If you work in the "courts" or in LEO, and consider yourself a patriot, then prove it - Source the information necessary for us to assemble and challenge the enemies of liberty. "By their fruits shall ye know them". Well the season has come - either bear good fruit, or be fit for the fire.


  4. Any reason why no
    emphasis is placed on
    the significance and importance
    of April 12 (approximately 4:30 am),
    as a moment of organization and


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