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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

III Chaplain at Maine State Senate

Prepping Preacher was invited to open the State Senate.  His comments below.

February 24th, 2015
127th Maine Senate
Session opened: 10:00AM

(Recognition of important persons and general declaration of appreciation for my invitation; gratuitous joke about Baptist preachers being long-winded and my assurance to act contrary to the norm.)

"So, to my point today.  In keeping with the expectation of a non-sectarian address, let me point out then from our own State's Constitutional Preamble the position of our State's founding fathers and authors of the founding documents this quote, "...  of the goodness the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe.."  Expressing just a few phrases beyond the continued need for His aid and guidance not just for our State's founding but for it's continuance.

Now, allow me to suggest and encourage this body to emulate the character of our Sovereign Ruler and God as it applies to this body's function.  As His Hand was publicly recognized, so let me very briefly and humbly present that while His Sovereignty does indeed continue unbroken even until now and beyond, He also allows men free course to choose and to live as each may determine.  And that is not inconsistent with His Purpose.

Even with regard to His greatest Provision for His creation - that being Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ by faith - He forces none to accept that high and Holy sacrifice.  Rather, while being Sovereign over the affairs of men, He does not micro-manage any one particular person nor group.

Freedom of that choice and action as well as all others in this life is left to the individual.

Read the rest, here.



  1. Reminds me of a certain pastor (unfortunately his name escapes me) who gave a sermon to open a session of Massachusetts colony's provincial government and directed to the royal governor Hutchinson in the early 1700's. Printed and widely distributed after the fact, a cursory examination reveals that while Jefferson did not plagiarize, he certainly was furnished with an outline for the DoI.

    Go get em Preach! :-)

  2. I hope to find out more about your blog. It looks very interesting and possibly on target for the understanding and defense of the intent of our forefathers who purposefully established The United States of American as a Christian Nation with respect to all others. Unfortunately, they could not for see those from other nations coming here and saying "Give me my God. Give me my religious holidays and speak my language and when I want my culture to supersede yours, you better give in"

    L. A. Reynolds Lake County, IN


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