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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Being a Natural Law Violating F*cktard is a CHOICE

Good Communists & Good LEO are becoming synonymous
There is a common phrase thrown around by intellectual midgets on many "Patriot" blogs: Your skin color is your uniform.

I can't be bothered to argue down to that level of Stupid.  In all honesty, I don't think I could even try without permanently fouling my synapse-firing widgets.  But this post isn't about the brain-damaged Souls who like to blame their own inabilities to navigate the world on the color of some other person's skin.

This is a post motivated by a commentor who dropped by recently and took exception to his perception that this blog, and me in particular, are anti-LEO.  Someone sent him here, apparently commending this blog to him as a resource.  I think someone was having fun with him - but that's another story.  He commented here.  Murphy - I am not mocking you - you simply wandered through the looking glass.

All snark aside: I am not anti-LEO.  I am anti-asshole.  Not every man and woman who wears a badge and gun for a living is an asshole.  I know this to be fact, because I have met a few.  Do I think they would absolutely refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws at all times?  Nope.  Do I think they use as much discretion as they find possible, when they are able?  Yep.  Would I prefer they refuse to enforce any and every unconstitutional law?  Of course.  But I am a realist.  I'll take what I can get until the paradigm changes.  I am simply one man among many who are working to change that paradigm.

"Defending the Natural Rights of fellow Citizens" isn't really the mandate of LEO in America any longer, is it?  For every LEO that I personally would consider a fellow traveler, I shudder to think how many other LEO stack charges on people, even lie to stack charges on people.  How many find it acceptable to flashbang a baby in a crib?  How many share the Gabe Suarez worldview?  And every man and woman wearing a badge and gun who remains silent while their fellow LEO behave that way can not, under any circumstances, be put into the fellow traveler category.  It is not enough to handle such bad actors "in-house".  For any decent Human Being currently wearing a badge & gun - unless you are willing to slap cuffs on your fellow LEO when they break a law for which you would arrest a civilian - you are part of the problem.  You are guilty.

Until recently I had an ally who self-identified as LEO.  I let him closer than I let most people.  One day he began to reveal his true nature behind the facade he presented to the public.  He revealed himself to be simply another taxpayer-funded, Thin Blue Line defending, back-stabbing PoS who in the Us-vs-Them reality in which we live, chose to be Them.  One excises such cancers, ruthlessly.

He has been excised.

Extirpate - it is a Lifestyle.

Bottom Line: Do not judge any individual based solely upon any factor that is beyond his control.

Your behavior is your identifier.

Your skin is never your uniform.

Your uniform is your uniform.  The uniform you put on every day is a choice.

If you are currently wearing a badge & gun for a living, prove to us that we shouldn't immediately IFF you based on that uniform in our current reality.

The time is coming when even the most reasonable Americans will take IFF decisions through a scope, without a conversation.  And they will not take responsibility for your failure to have proven yourself a fellow traveler when you were able to do so.  That's on you.



  1. Murphy is one of the good guys as are the rest of the blog bunch he runs with. They are still stuck in their normalcy bias but are slowly coming around. When the balloon goes up he'd be someone you could trust to watch your back.

    1. What are you basis for determining he is a good guy...Tell us the reasons why so we can make an informed decision..


      1. the process of systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statement to protect the assets of one's self or someone else.

      Go do your own and read his blog and make your own informed decision like I did.

    3. So you don't know him personally you just read his blog and since he says the right things he's a good guy...I will definitely be following your advice from now on...

  2. "Your behavior is your identifier.

    Your skin is never your uniform."

    Exactly-yet I got a ration of shit for pointing that out more than once,mostly at WRSA .

    As for the cops-I know several that are good guys,and met many more who were and still are pieces of shit.
    The bad far outnumbers the good,at least in NE OHIO and most of the rest of Ohio,and Fla,and in parts of NC, the parts of NC away from the whole Charlotte-Mecklenberg county clusterfuck most of the LEO's I've met were decent guys
    Seems the Chicago police have a warehouse set up where they can take guys they don't want to book - or have any record of them arresting.
    A whole lot of the Chicago PD has to have known about the place-why didn't any of the "good cops" say anything about it?

  3. Good cops are like bigfoot, people swear they exist but nobody has any proof

    1. I wouldn't quite say that they are "bigfoot". I know two - one chose to retire from the force because he was sick of pissing into the liberal hurricane, and the other is still working the job as a K9 officer while he figures out what to do next. I would trust my life and the wellbeing of my family with either of them. As for the rest, yeah the IFF is engaged, and there's very little room left for conversation. I stated as much 2 years ago - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/a-time-to-kill/

  4. All true patriots need to be aware of this and be on the lookout for it


    Please pass and share this with as many as you can to increase awareness of what is truly going on this country.

  5. "Right now, the odds of finding a LEO who does not violate the Constitution on every shift are lower than being hit by lightning while in a bear-hug with Sasquatch while on the way to collect your lottery winnings." That sums it all up for me. Yesterday I was relocating snow piles from the rear driveway to the front yard. I had taken care not to dump any to the streets of the shire. As I was tooling the old wheelbarrow down the icy path I noted that local LEO slowed dramatically when they saw me with my wheelbarrow. Thankfully I was not taken down for felony snow moving.

  6. I wonder when groups of Patriots will start calling in fake SWAT-exclusive scenarios to abandoned houses or buildings for nice ambush-readiness testing sessions?

  7. Considering the hyper-response exhibited in the Dorner affair, I don't advise the instigation of such a bait-and-shoot scenario at this time. The PoPo is too edgy as it is, and we don't want to be the cause of casualties amongst neighbors and other bystanders. As I have said elsewhere - patriots inside the machine need to start proving their love of liberty, by sourcing timely and actionable intelligence on unconstitutional activities which the PoPo are already committed to engaging in...

  8. Very good article. I agree this applies to many jobs. I worked for a company that was thoroughly rotten from the top down, it drove me insane! I would confront these employees, but they really didn't seem to care, they just wanted to keep their jobs. They made their bed and I was awarded a better job with a much better company! Stand by your morals and values and just don't go with the flow because everyone else is doing it!


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