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Monday, February 23, 2015

New Website: Rightful Liberty Report

We are proud to announce the launch of a new website for the Liberty Movement: Rightful Liberty Report.


We have launched a companion site in blog format where Patriots can discuss particular stories. You'll see a [Discuss] link next to select stories that will take you to the blog for comments.

Bloggers: We could use your help spreading the word about the new site.  I hope you'll consider a post as well as adding us to your blogroll.

Editorial Focus: Stories relevant to the Liberty Movement will be featured.  No weather reports, celebrity goofs, or extraneous bread & circuses stories.  Politics matter to the Patriot and will be covered from the perspective of Lexington Green.  Stories from Leftist Useful Idiots will be featured as warranted to keep everyone informed of their latest propaganda and lines of attack.

Fair Warning: This site will be far more time-intensive than even a blog, in order to keep current.  It will need to be updated several times each day, and of course as there is breaking news.  That means we will need help.  We will need the help of III Patriots who can send us relevant links to news stories that deserve to be read by your fellow Patriots.  So as you go through your daily reading lists, please send us a link if you think a story is important to Liberty.  And don' take it personally if your submissions don't always get linked.  Not every story will make the editorial cut, and many stories will be featured on several outlets, and we'll only be linking one.  Let's keep the conspiracy stuff limited - conspiracies exist, but not every event is the byproduct of a grand scheme.

Patriot bloggers & Businesses: If you think your blog should be included, drop us a note.  (Link is on the page)  If you own a Patriot/Liberty business and would like to be considered for a link, also drop us a note.



  1. Thanks Kent, took the words out of my mouth!

    I copied and pasted the whole post and put it on Antidote To Tyranny and then went to put a link to it in my Blogger Blog list doohickey and it says there is no RSS feed so it won't update.

    Muy Importante my friend.

  2. Can you recommend a good publishing software/service?

  3. I know nothing of such things- when I added the link to my blogroll, it complained about the lack of RSS feed, but I told it to add the link anyway... then a commenter on my blog noted the lack of an RSS feed and I said I'd pass it along.

    1. Thanks - Blogger/Wordpress, etc all have RSS at the push of a button. My quick research says I may need a 3rd-party software program for my own website. I may even need a techie to help - I am REALLLLLY slow-witted on techie tasks.

  4. Thanks for the new site. Some degree of high contrast between the lettering and background is needed in order to be more readable.

  5. This is a good idea and one which all patriots should support. Thank you to whomever spear headed this thing, it's good. I would like to volunteer to man the CT section. Each patriot should consider whether they are willing to assist in this effort. The "state" section can and should be contributed to this effort and in general would assist the editors in having a selection of stories to choose from or just a simple batch to post to that particular state's section. I will email today's stories to the editor asap.

    It will come in from Tcumseh@hushmail.com
    If any patriots from behind the blue lines of CT wish to contact me you may do so via that email.

    Yes I will be sticking my neck out by doing this, but if you haven't figured out that you're already pre approved for that future drone strike then well you're just not paying attention. And if you have figured it out but you're jet skered, grow some balls.

  6. www.RightfulLibertyReport.com can't be viewed. Is there a problem? Also I have several blogs -

    The Lynler Report http://lynler.wordpress.com/

    Molon Labe http://molonelahveh-hls.blogspot.com/

    Prepperville http://prepperville.blogspot.com/

    Wouldn't mind them added if possible.

    Thanks and keep up the good work...........

    1. It's working for me - anyone else having problems loading RLR (RightfulLibertyReport.com)


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