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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Holy F*cktards, Batman!

Rival "Tactical Experts" take at least 112 shots at one another - from 10 yards away - hit nothing.

You can't make this up.

Thank the Gods these idiots teach LEO and not Patriots.



  1. They did make it up. Satire alert.

  2. Is that site satire like the onion...

  3. It's a satire site....

  4. Sadly, it's absolutely plausible. having seen how some of our local Law Bungling "officers" (LBOs) operate, I wouldn't have been shocked by the article if it said that they killed a bystander...

  5. It isn't to far fetched, have you seen shooting incidents with law enforcement and the average number of rounds fired?

  6. ;)

    You can't make this up...

    ...but if you did, would it be so hard to believe?

  7. 1. Actually it was made up, as pointed out by others above, but it appears as if the poster believed it.
    2. The slur by the poster that insinuates that if you are an LEO, you cannot be a Patriot and vice-versa is insulting to many fine men and women who are both.

    I just got tipped to this site as a resource and I have to say that this post did not make a good first impression. Hopefully it gets better?

    1. Oh, Murphy - whoever tipped you to this site is not your friend.

      When I see stories of LEO clearing leather and slapping cuffs on all the bad apples with badges, I may give more than a few brain cells enough leash to consider the potential for free-range "Patriot LEO". Right now, the odds of finding a LEO who does not violate the Constitution on every shift are lower than being hit by lightning while in a bear-hug with Sasquatch while on the way to collect your lottery winnings.

      Just sayin'.

      You should probably not return here.


  8. In the 22nd chapter of the Book of Acts, the Apostle Paul, who was accused of disturbing the peace, was arrested by Roman soldiers and taken to a local barracks to be questioned under scourging.

    As the interrogator was preparing to whip the apostle, Paul pointed out to the centurion in charge that it was illegal to flog a Roman citizen unless he had been tried and convicted of a crime.

    This objection caused the interrogator to immediately stop, and prompted the officer in command to express the fear that he could face criminal charges because he had chained – that is, handcuffed – a Roman citizen.

    Every day in this supposedly free country, police commit acts that were NOT ALLOWED, even for the soldiers of the military of the Empire of Rome!

    Yet, in the name of “officer safety,” police routinely detain and handcuff American Citizens who are not criminal suspects, while conducting investigations.

    Police also routinely inflict summary punishment – using batons, tasers, pepper spray, or other means – against those who simply resist being detained without cause.

    In the latest perversion to the idea of public service, where officers are instructed that “each officer’s main duty is to go home safely at the end of his shift”, police now operate under the protection of No Knock Warrants. And most of these are issued for only the suspicion of having committed a crime.

    We need more Peace Officers,
    We need fewer Jack-booted Thugs in Police Uniforms


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