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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sparks Sends: Comms S.O.I. from AmRRON

AmRRON is offering their "Communications S.O.I. (Signals Operating Instructions)" in digital format for donations of just $6 or more.

Here's what is included:

51 Page Communications Plan, with:
  • Interactive Table of Contents

  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) What do I do?!?!

  • Frequency & Mode Listings

  • Schedule for Communications Time Windows

  • Communications Overview

  • Participating in nets (Join in or start a net)

  • Radio Procedures (making the call)

  • Make your own customized family/group comm plan

  • Report information that could save lives

  • Authenticating — Friend or Foe?

  • Monitor/Listen for information

  • References/Resources you can find now, before an emergency

  • Forms:  Reports, Logs, etc.

  • MORE!

I recommend every III Patriot drop AmRRON a few bucks for 2 reasons.  First, this S.O.I. manual is important information to have and you should own a copy.  Second, AmRRON is doing good, serious work on behalf of Liberty.


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