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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


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  1. "I vow my Life, Fortune & Sacred Honor for the Constitution, BoR & DoI"

    The million dollar question is how many will stand up for their rights when the next "enhancement" of the Patriot Act is enacted,or the parameters from .gov inc. to label people as "terrorists" are expanded,or the asset forfeiture bullshit costs them their life savings-how many will just accept the bullshit as the "new reality" and come home from work,and as usual-keep watching the mind numbing garbage spewing from the tee-vee as they eat their fast food dinner washed down with a gallon of carbonated,flavored water,corn syrup and/or sugar,go to sleep after eating some fried tortillas dipped in cheese dip made from oil and chemicals-then go to bed, and the next day get up and have the same routine as always?
    I'm sure I'll get a bunch of shit for saying that-but it's reality for a whole hell of a lot of people.
    I read that Canada is enacting some Patriot Act horsepucky due to the recent attacks from musloids-they're losing their freedoms almost as fast as USSA.

    1. Most people will never stand up until the pain is intense and personal. Sad.

    2. If they won't even get off the couch to train, stop eating bad food, move to a safer location, stock up essential items, then why would you expect them to stand for liberty unless the threat of death hangs over them...People are apathetic to what's important and will fight for their comforts or a stupid game...It is Sad what the American People have allowed themselves to become...Just think of all those who read this blog, WRSA, and all the other Patriot sites who are what we consider awake and then realize how many of even them would perish if the lights went out tomorrow because they were not prepared...I will put this out there again I will do everything that I can to make a transition out here as painless as possible you just have to contact me...

  2. Sorry K----but I only support the bill of rights....the constitution is just bullfeathers and fairy dust meant to trick people into giving up their freedom for "lawful government".

    The constitution can and should easily be replaced, along with our so called representatives. Break apart the ol usa into its rightfully sovereign states and let those states deal with each other or not as they see fit and the rest of the world as they see fit.

    K--the constitution is the reason for the civil war and loss of states rights even as it was being signed. The subordination of the states to the "federal government" is the cause of our problems...and the constitution is just a scrap of paper giving legitimacy to the ruling class over the people.

    The constitution isn't some magical document----it was cobbled together to lure freemen and freestates by degenerate federalists into giving up their hard fought freedom that they won just a few years earlier.

    When some say that Ozero, Congress, Supreme Court aren't following the
    constitution....look just a little harder....they are doing everything the constitution lets them get away with....that is the nature of all things federal.

    1. Hokum.

      I love the gratuitous assertions that USC was a grand conspiracy, because it is always put forth as fact without a single shred of historical record as support.

      What I am still waiting to see - after years online in this community - is one single person to write one document that is better constructed than the USC for protecting the premise of Rightful Liberty. It hasn't happened, because the intellectual might required doesn't exist on the planet today.

      I remain hopeful, however - perhaps after I see such a document, I hope to stumble across that elusive, free-range "Self-Enforcing Document" I keep hearing about...Yeti can't be far behind!

    2. "What I am still waiting to see - after years online in this community - is one single person to write one document that is better constructed than the USC for protecting the premise of Rightful Liberty."

      Now it IS dependent on a document? I thought it was the people. If you don't mind sharing...what changed?

      "It hasn't happened, because the intellectual might required doesn't exist on the planet today."

      Feh. "Don't initiate force against others. Do and you will be stopped." How's that?

      You can always tell who makes the best friends, by where their genuine interest lies. Everyone is selfish to one degree or another, but the good friend sincerely cares about the well-being of the other.

      Choosing is ALWAYS done alone. No exceptions. That's not a rule; it's just the fact of the matter. A person must make a million, maybe a billion decisions in his life, possibly more. Yet of all of those in the course of a lifetime, probably fewer than ten are forever not retractable.

      I think I read it here---"Choose wisely."

    3. "I love the gratuitous assertions that USC was a grand conspiracy, because it is always put forth as fact without a single shred of historical record as support."

      Why do you say that? I distinctly recall George Mason's quote to that effect, being posted on this very website.

      Besides, it's all a matter of historical record. The "Anti-Federalist Papers" have been compiled in paperback at least, and are readily available.

      And then of course, there's the obvious question that even Dr. Phil can figure out---"So how's it working for ya?"

  3. Feh. "Don't initiate force against others. Do and you will be stopped." How's that?

    Sorry, JK. That rings as hollow as Vanderboegh's "Try to take our guns and we will kill you" hyperbolic stupidity. They not only took his gun, and threw him in jail, but he then went and paid his Masters a fee for permission. Now he is trying to incite others to risk what he would not risk himself.

    To your proposed "Do and you will be stopped..." - Stopped by whom? I do not see anyone coming to the defense of IRS targets. I do not see anyone subscribing to your philosophy moving to stop the Habersham Baby's attackers from repeating their abuse. It is empty hot air.

    1. Anyone may believe whatever they wish...this is fundamental.

      "Stopped by whom?" Sorry, I don't understand. Are you proposing that the piece of paper will stop them? That would REALLY be a change of position!

      Believe it...if you can make THAT happen, then the world will be your oyster. What the hell are you talking about, anyway? Are you implying that only Constitutionalists can squeeze a trigger? That's quite an assertion, if so.

    2. "It is empty hot air."

      I guess I missed it. How many IRS targets or babies were protected with "click*click*boom"? I would think everyone understands that nobody gets stopped until they get stopped, duh. I'm just not sure why you think the words "click*click*boom" somehow do that better than "You will be stopped." I'm willing to learn, though.

    3. JK: You wrote "Do not initiate force. Do and you will be stopped." My reply "Stopped by whom?"

      Because I am not seeing anyone stop anyone. No Anarchist seems to be coming to the mutual defense of his neighbors.

      Click*Click*Boom was in response to Sandman's comment - not yours. You obviously submitted your comment before me, and when CA moderated, they published in the order rec'd - so it may have looked like I was replying to you - but wasn't.

    4. No, I got that. No problem there. I care about the ideas anyway. I doubt anyone disagrees that writing "click*click*boom" accomplishes the same thing as writing, "You wiil be stopped."

      There still seems to be some confusion that "Individualist" means "alone." That's completely absurd and there's no reason at all to think that a Constitutionalist will come to the defense of a friend, neighbor or ally any quicker or better than an Egoist/Individualist. Me, I happen to know there's reason to think the opposite---experience.

      The charge is not only false, but it's getting insulting already. It's like saying the businessman doesn't give a hoot about workers, when he spends his whole life creating a team, one that benefits everyone.

      I mean, c'mon...it's no secret what hypocrites the commie-libs and altruists are. "Let's do it for all," while they line their own pockets and are as quick to sacrifice their own as anyone else's. "For the team, for the team"...what a mantra. Doesn't it ever get old?

      Combat guys will tell you it's not "for the team." It's for their brothers in arms...the individuals they care about and upon whom their own lives rest. Doesn't that make sense?

  4. Those who will not swear their lives, fortunes, and Sacred honor to the ideals set forth in the DoI are not my allies. Period
    Further, I have yet to meet an anti-constitutionalist who has something better to propose. The Articles of Confederation are substantially more "flawed" that our Constitution, and any who claim that they are better hasn't done their homework to evaluate what the consequences would be today, had the Articles remained in force to the present day.
    I will opine that that those who oppose our Constitution, as originally constructed, are not prepared to live by even those simple standards, let alone create something "better". Perhaps I am wrong, and just haven't met any folks who have done said "homework" and come to better conclusions than I have...
    With certitude I can state this - the root of all good law is in this single phrase - Gods will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. (Amen) Only one man hs ever been perfect (without sin), and He has given us the whole of perfection in law, through his Gospel. We must always strive to improve ouselves as His apostles, if we are to accept by Grace and humble submission that which is perfect, rejecting all else with manly fortitude.

    Those who will not kneel before God, resplendent in all His goodness, *shall* kneel before tyrants respendent in all of their evil.


    1. Well, Men such as Patrick Henry and George Mason and The Lees and MANY others opposed the Constitution and Id hold them in higher esteem than you any day because they WERE THERE.
      Was The Articles flawed? You betcha, therefore, that's why they were holding a convention to Amend and fix some of the issues with it.It was at that point when that liberal ilk primarily from the New England States swept in and hijacked the meeting and turned it into overhauling the system. They swiftly horn swaggled enough support ultimately imposing the roots for Tyrrany that we are saddled with today. Read The Anti-Federalists and see what they feared and tell me that we aren't living their nightmare in spades. The BOR, yeah that was a suck to primarily get the Southern States to sign on. There were several other Amendments proposed but those ten were the first accepted.
      So before you want to measure everones dedication to the Cause by our worship of Cons & BOR you might need to check yourself. I happen to think that The Articles WOULD work better today than then. Yes, tweak them a bit and put them to work. REMEMBER The Articles were the INTENT OF THE FOUNDERS that's why they passed them FIRST.
      If this aint good enough then fine stay outta my way when TSHFT and when the smoke clears DON'T come into my AOI trying to impose that filth on me and mine. You do your thing in your area and I will do mine andwe will be ok. Wait... Isnt that sorta what the Founders intended in the first place?


    2. "Those who will not swear their lives, fortunes, and Sacred honor to the ideals set forth in the DoI are not my allies."

      LT, one of the "self-evident" truths in the DoI is that a just government derives its power from the CONSENT of the governed.

      So what do you do with that? Ignore it? Believe it's wrong? Think things changed since then? "MUST" be consented to? What, exactly?

    3. Yes; consent is prerequisite. But "perfection" is not. And we MUST NOT ALLOW the pursuit of some imaginary "perfection of form" be an obstacle to our uniting under the banner of Rightful Liberty. AFTER we effect the eviction of the tyrants in our midst, we can all sit and determine the best resolution to our reasonable differences at our leisure.
      Do any of us presently have the power of consent? No - it has been unilaterally seized from us. Therefore, let us address First Things First, and take back what is ours... once we are again free men, we will be in a far better position to debate, with reason and respect, what we ought to do with our liberty. Possession gives perspective. When once again we possess our liberty, I believe that we will all have a clearer understanding of how to best employ it.
      Right now, this conversation makes about as much sense as a bunch of homeless people milling about clutching lottery tickets, chatting about how they plan to spend their millions when the "win".
      And lest you mistake my intent du to my own omissions, I'm pretty damned strict on my interpretation of what should be under Federal authority, myself. I believe the states should have a permanent noose around the neck of Fed.Gov, and should hold it tight enough that syncope of the federal establishment is *never* far away. Surely we can agree upon THAT aspect of our Founders' intent, right?
      In short; let us first deal with the carpetbaggers who have stolen our entire inheritance, and then we can quibble about individual items of said inheritance, as brothers have been known to since the Creation of the world.
      Cheers, LT

    4. Wow, that was something. Phenomenal job, LT. "Begin at the beginning," eh? In the War Against Tyranny, seems kinda obvious what the beginning is.

      About all I can add is how ironic it'll be if it never begins because folk can't get their minds off insisting on how it'll end. As you put it so well, gotta win first.

  5. "In the War Against Tyranny, seems kinda obvious what the beginning is."
    Yeah, it's obvious - EVERY evil intent is a seed of tyranny; and every Capital Sin is the germination thereof. As such, it started in the garden, and the war has been raging ever since. Doesn't get any more obvious than that, right?
    Even within ourselves, if we deviate from the full form and intent of Rightful Liberty. Because Rightful Liberty is a gift from God - the root of dignity, and the wellspring of all Justice in this world. We must therefore be vigilant, beginning within our own selves, that we tolerate no evil intent. And without that perspective, I am convinced that ours is a lost cause - we will either fail, or our success will turn our revolution "full French". It has been stated elsewhere, and repeatedly, "beware who you trust" - well, let me take that up a notch and simply say, "beware what you trust"... even within yourself. "Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." PROV 16:18


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