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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Train, Patriots.

If you are a serious Patriot you know you need relevant, practical and high-quality training.  If you can only devote a weekend here or there with a professional trainer, you need that weekend to be packed with the most effective tactics and skills that you will need back home.  You do not have the luxury of a training weekend that doesn't deliver the most return for your money.  Nor can you afford to invest in training based only on the lowest price.  You get what you pay for in this world, and we all know it.

The III Society is offering a Scholarship to Max Velocity's Rifleman Challenge in March.  One Member of the Society will attend and have the opportunity to measure his skills and improve weak-spots.  And I can say this without reservation: The winner of the Scholarship will have the benefit of being with the best combat trainer (and person) who is currently taking his time and energy to train Patriots.  I know everyone reading this blog has read Max's blog, and many of you have read his books.  If you have read his Rightful Liberty series of essays, you know he gets it.  I know many people who I trust implicitly who have been through his courses, and not one single person has ever reported that Max and his training is anything but extraordinary.

I also know, due to personal and direct interaction, that Max is an honest man.

You might think that is a quality to be found in every "Patriot" or "Trainer" - but you'd be wrong.

I can personally commend to you very few trainers in the Combat Arts - Max, Grenadier, Sparks.

That's it.  Because the heart and character of the man matters.  I may be able to recommend others in the future, but not today.

Whether you win the Scholarship or not, you need to find the resources and make the time to go train.

Life is going to test you.  Make sure you acquire the skills you need to pass that test.


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