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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dedicated Pages

I promised everyone a re-boot of our III Projects once we finally settled here in the Redoubt.

We are working on multiple fronts, from III Society to IIIGear to the PatCon and more.

Above you'll notice I have begun to re-install dedicated pages (Look just under the top "III Percent Patriots" Title.)

Lineman will be hosting a discussion for folks considering a move to the III Redoubt.

We've added a page for the Idaho PatCon where Holly & Miss Violet will be releasing details and answering questions about our Summer PatCon here in the beautiful mountains of the Redoubt.  This will be a serious event, with great food, great people, gear reviews, classes, and more.  This part of the country is ideal for family vacations - I encourage you to consider bringing the RV and family, spend a week or so at PatCon, and exploring all the area has to offer.

More announcements on our re-boot as pieces fall into place.

In the meantime, really consider the picture at the top of this post. Notice the arm patch. Notice he and his team are training - something that every single Patriot should be doing as a part of your lifestyle.


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