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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Zoomie is Sorry. Really. He is...

Are you ready?  If not to further tolerate it - then are you ready to kill it?

Click here for more from the premier Liberty propagandist of our time...



  1. "...the premier Liberty propagandist of our time..."

    A bit of a stretch there, brother...but thanks all the same.

    And in case y'all didn't know, this latest of my cartoonish and crappy bullshit is my take (suggested by a reader) on Shrillary's most recent ad campaign just in case she maybe probably someday decides to run for the Oral Orifice.

    I wouldn't dare suggest to print them up and plaster them all over hell's half-acre.

    That would be wrong.

  2. Maybe folks can find said stickers and buy them by the gross for the election season here - http://www.zazzle.com/walterzoomie

    Don't be shy folks - let the bastards know what you think.

  3. Zoomie:

    I second K's nomination.

    Can we get the same layout, but with "I want more Bush in 2016"....


    Mr. Bipartisanship

  4. I might know of a place to procure said propaganda or you may take my previous advice if you have a printer and download the “FREE” Avery Label Program, go to your local office supply mega warehouse and purchase various sized self adhesive shipping labels, log on to Mr. Z’s site and copy some of his freakishly cool and offensive art(don’t worry about copyright infringement, ‘cause he don’t either ;) print your stickers and post abundantly in conspicuous locations around your AO or take a road trip and spread the message far and wide, now you are on your way to becoming a modern day pamphleteer ala Sam Adams.
    Rd III
    P.S. For a free sampler of stickers send me an email with a mailing address,mail drop, dead drop, etc. livefreeordieca@aol.com


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