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Sunday, February 15, 2015

III Bloggers

This is for III Patriots who have blogged in the past and may have drifted away from the work, and for those Patriots who have dared to break cover by commenting on various Liberty blogs - consider returning to the work of blogging, or starting a blog.

This blogging work is not glamorous. It is real work. It raises your profile to the Enemies of Liberty. It sucks at times. But the value to the Liberty Movement is immeasurable.  Every single Patriot who accepts the burden of standing and adding his or her voice to the discussion is doing serious work against tyranny.  Don't think you are articulate enough? That isn't the measure. What matters is the number of people willing to stand and add to the volume of the Liberty conversation.

Start pecking at your keyboard - again or for the first time.

You can do it.  We need you to do it.

Think about it.



  1. It's scary.

    It is always scary - because our enemies want to silence our voices - and silence us.

    Go along to get along.

    Fuck that.

    I will be Point Man - and Yes - I will get cut down again and again.

    And I will suffer from fear and doubts.

    But I will pick myself up - and once again become the Point Man. Until my enemies kill me.


    Thanks for being an ENDURING INSPIRATION! Death by 1,000 cuts to the enemy. We all have a part to play.

  2. Agreed. every voice, every blog, every comment is an opportunity for us - to be heard, to demonstrate our legitimacy of purpose, and our depth of conviction. An opportunity we should not squander, while it is still available to us. We have a duty to exercise every option which might prevent violence, for as long as those options remain available to us. Sooner than we'd like, we will be faced with the long march, and the chaos it will precipitate; in the mean time we must all train, prepare, and make ourselves heard.

  3. Reblogged and expanded upon over at my place.


    I'm still waiting on my Marksman patch for shooting my mouth off anyway.

  4. Sometimes it is work. But one must use the freedoms when he has them. There will be enough "I should have's" later to not regret documenting the decline.

    Advice: Keep a copy of every post and consider putting the best into a book. It costs nothing for one. For another, the political costs of turning off select websites is less than burning books.

  5. Took it to heart and have re-stared To sail beyond the stars,


  6. I reblogged your post as well-if more people that see it-then maybe a few more will start or restart a blog.


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