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Monday, February 16, 2015

Patriot Calendar & Thoughts

I've looked, and can't find any central repository of upcoming events that should/may be of interest to Patriots.

So, Item One: If you have an upcoming event in your AO or greater AO that either has national scope, or is relevant to Patriots on at least a county-level, send it along and I'll create a dedicated page so we can all have an idea what is happening across the country.

Item Two: I do not have time to devote to keeping such a project going, though I think it is important for us all.  So, any current bloggers or Patriots who want to undertake the responsibility, let me know and I'll help you get set up.

Item Three: I think it is important for Patriots to build a network *beyond* our secret squirrel SHTF Doomsday smoke signal protocols - something less intense and less formal, yet with real potential for keeping us in contact.  I don't recommend re-inventing the wheel.

What are your thoughts about using the current network of gun shows across the country as a place where local and regional Patriots can get together, either with a booth or simply "Meet at the hot dog wagon at 0900"?  Patriots may decide to fly III IFF to help build awareness in a not-so-much-in-your-face manner, or not. Once in a while a booth could be set up and Patriots could hand out free lists of III/Liberty sites. You get the idea.  If we decide to do such a thing either nationally, or regionally, there should be some structure so it isn't the same few guys getting together all the time, while others watch football or take care of Honey-Do lists.




  1. Free Citizen here. Tulsa Wannamaker Gun show on April 11 and 12th. Wife and I already have a table. I like your idea.

    1. How will Patriots recognize you - are you going to be wearing any III IFF patches/cap/etc? Flyer/poster on the table with III on it?

  2. I like the idea as well,gun shows are just about the perfect place to get together.
    I think the list of III/Patriot blogs should be handed out at as many of the shows as possible,I'm 99% sure I can get the guy who owns our local gun shop to let me hand out flyers from his booth,table whatever the case may be.
    I'll stop in tomorrow and find out for sure.
    Here's another thought-wherever possible,set up a table at a gun show and sell III patches,hats,etc.
    Try it a few times,if the III stuff sells,more people see it,ask about it,and hopefully get involved.

    1. We are on the same page. Anyone setting up a booth or otherwise being a point of contact for local Patriots, touch base with me and I'll help you get some IIIGear to hand out, build morale & cohesion, IFF, etc.


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