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Monday, February 16, 2015

Just stop it...

Every one of those scurrying fucktards is an embarrassment - I demand we hold a meeting and revoke their 'American Citizen' cards.

Here's the story: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/passengers-panic-unsubstantiated-la-airport-gun-scare-29003214



  1. HUA??? This is a country where you MUST enter a "weapons free" No Self De-fence Federal Police State Security Zone. In order to fly, take the train or ride the bus. We also live in a country where crazy and evil regularly enter those "gun free zones" in order to murder as many helpless as they can. If you are in one of the "security zones" and you see a man(not a cop) with a firearm or hear the announcement that a gunman is wandering loose seeking to murder and you don't run away like your ass is on fire. You will very likely die a violent meaningless stupid death. Sheep stand and watch the butcher. Wolves are smarter - THEY RUN when they see the hunter or smell danger. The people who ran were the smart ones. ---Ray

    1. Real men and women either stay away from such disarmament zones, go as infrequently as possible, or ignore the prohibitions. There was not one real man in that particular crowd.

  2. You would think that the airport morons who have control of the PA system would refrain from stampeding the sheep,and would have told everyone to get under a bench or chair and shelter in place-since "shelter in place" is .gov inc's most common "advice".
    Then there's the issue of why you would run just because someone with a gun might be "on the loose" in the airport.
    The ticket agents and the TSA asswipes would have been the most likely targets anyhow.

  3. The guys with tactical/combat experience should have taken charge - moving the other travelers into the safest location(s) - restrooms, or areas of shops/restaraunts not visible from the concourse - and then gathered teh capable men around them, to form a defensive perimieter, a human wall through which the gunman would have to pass...
    A few short generations ago, this would have been so damn obvious; but alas our society has degenerated into a mindless herd...

    1. And there is the key. If we still had a majority of men in America who would behave as they once would - the cowards who pick up firearms and hunt unarmed people would never have the balls to act. Strength demands respect.

  4. Amen, brother. Strength demands respect, and to truly be strong requires self-respect. Commie libtards tend to be full of "sublimated self-loathing" (to use their own language), rather than anything resembling self respect. Not only are they not individuals, they don't *want* to be individuals, and from that comes the corollary that they are group-driven, not self-driven. They derive their sense of self value from their expression of their EXTERNAL beliefs - their ideology - instead of their internal beliefs (their faith). This is the essential fulcrum which all the other differences between collectivists and individualists pivot upon.

    We have faith, accountability, and a burning desire to make things better than we received them; they have ideology, require accountability from others (but not themselves), and are most happy when out protesting - demanding that things "change", rather than actually doing the work of improving anything, themselves.
    We focus on the internals, and perhaps too much so; whereas they focus on externals to such an extent that they cannot see their own part in the bigger equation. And thus they are blind to the fact that the reason they fail is...themselves.


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