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Friday, February 27, 2015

Patriots on the Couch

Some people in our community are full of shit.  Full Stop.

Many are sincere - serious as a heart attack.  These men and women will go to the Green when it is time.  If you are sincere about going to the Green, please stop procrastinating and get yourself some more training.  Max can teach you the basics if you are an absolute cherry, and he can take you to high-speed, low-drag levels of excellence as your progression warrants.  Here's his 2015 training schedule.  Sparks can get you the same level of training in Comms.  Here's his schedule.

But there remains another portion of our community, a much larger portion, who are also as serious as a heart attack about contributing to this fight for Liberty.  And I would contend they are every single bit as important as those men and women who will go to the Green - they are the Auxiliary.

These are the men and women who will stand as aegis for the Patriots in Harm's Way.  They are the men and women who will hide us, feed us, clothe us, heal us, give us Intel, and look after our families when we are away.  These are the men and women who will, hopefully, one day write the history of how Liberty was preserved on Planet Earth for just a bit longer.

Max and others are helping teach the tip of the spear.

In my opinion, and it is an opinion shared by many of my allies, not enough is being done on a large-scale to help prepare the Auxiliary for what Evil this way comes.  You can expect the III Society and other allies to begin focusing considerable energy and resources on helping our Auxiliary get prepared - in knowledge and materiel.

Resources: This is a big issue for me, and I have mentioned it many times.  I will keep hammering it until we achieve some level of parity with the Enemies of Liberty.  The Left - those bastards who want you DEAD - are very well financed, with Soros and Bloomberg money, just as 2 examples.

Where are our benefactors - not those of you who often help when and where you can - I mean, where is our Beck, our Koch, our pipelines of real resources so we can actually make a run at securing Liberty?

If you have any suggestions regarding how we bring a pipeline online, I am all ears.

As for the Auxiliary - speak up.  Let us know what you need, what you want, so we can pre-position supplies and teach skills you will need in our imminent future.

Personally - I have no time and ZERO patience for circle-jerkers.  Liberty was NEVER handed to anyone - except the 75% or so of American Colonists who were able to enjoy Liberty because of the sweat, blood, tears, lives and Sacred Honor of the III Percent who went to the Green and that small percentage of Auxiliary who supported them.

Let's get to work.



  1. While I can't really speak for anyone other than myself-I know there's a hell of a lot of guys like myself,who are up there in years-(mid fifties+)-who are no longer capable of "running and gunning" due to health issues,old injuries,whatever-yet are still serious as a heart attack about participating in the fight to restore rightful liberty-in whatever way we can.
    Some of us have a lot of useful knowledge in various fields,many of us have workshops to repair just about anything,and have the knowledge to do just that because that's what we've always done.
    Many of us know a lot about gardening,preserving food from the garden by canning,dehydrating,etc. Others know how to process game animals-or butcher hogs and cows,make sausages,smoke meats-bacon and hams-or fish-like trout and salmon.
    There's guys who worked as welders,engineers,carpenters,mechanics,plumbers,concrete/masonry workers,all these skills will be needed at some point.
    Some guys have wives who worked as nurses for years,there's guys who were/are EMT's.
    One problem I see is matching guys with skills to where their skills are or may be needed.
    Everyone who's going to be part of the auxiliary needs to have a lot of extra medical supplies,and food,not only to feed people-but foods for the road-MRE's Mountain House,dried fruits,peanuts,peanut butter,tea bags,instant coffee,etc.along with plenty of extra blankets,and a room that an be set up as a sort of hospital room.
    Having extra ammo is another necessity,guys ain't going to be able to carry an endless supply of ammo with them,or enough food and medical supplies.
    Somehow,those of us who have the facilities for mechanical repairs,welding,etc. need to let others know how to get in touch with us-which means those in the auxiliary need to have comms.

    We need to form networks,we can't all be so freakin paranoid that we don't trust anyone-we have to communicate with each other-as was said about 10 million A-R's don't do us any good if 99.9% of them are in gun safes-if we do not form networks outside of our immediate AO's-so everyone knows who to contact when outside their respective AO's then how the fuck is anything ever going to be accomplished?

    1. So here is a discussion we really need to have as a community - what are the important Auxiliary roles for FreeFor (a comprehensive list would be a good start) and then putting some sort of "protocol" (for lack of a better word) together so that III Patriots in each AO have a "training template" of sorts they can work from to identify and assign tasks, develop skills, network the Auxiliary, and begin looping them into their entire plan. I know serious Patriots like Sandman and others have been doing this for a while, and would be a great asset in helping put this sort of "Training Manual) together.

      Perhaps we use Maslow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs) as a starting point - then expand to all of the guns & butter needed to keep an AO healthy - including morale. That means food, warmth, water, showers, medical care, and HOPE.

      Anyone have any suggestions how to best host this conversation? It will be an ongoing topic, with a LOT of required input. Perhaps a stand-alone blog?

      The conversation mujst go deeper than just "Preppers already do this..." - we have to put it into a useful format for the III Partisan.

  2. Some of us are low on funds/materials but rich in location (defendable farms,etc) who are able to supply rest and shelter. The thought that keeps running through my mind is the underground railroad. Hell,something as simple as an agreed upon symbol carved in trees around properties that are safe havens for tired fighters. Hell,if slaves in the 1800s could make it work so can we.

    1. The underground railroad is an outstanding model for a piece of this pie. Nopt only good for keeping people safe, but for moving Patriots, widgets and Comms from X to Y.

      Have you managed to meet with any militia/partisans/Patriots in your AO (and trust them enough) to let them know you are available for such a role? Can you help take point to find others like yourself to expand the railroad in your AO? Do you have any contacts in adjoining counties? These questions are rhetorical, not putting you on the spot personally - I want everyone who is reading your comment to begin thinking about how they can fit into the larger picture.

    2. I'm working on it bit by bit here in the upstate of SC. Got good people around but trust and opsec are key ingredients to an old school bullet proof network as one needs for this type of operation.

  3. I think we shouldn't overlook the system Michael Collins set up for his human resources, fighters and auxiliary.

    1. Can you thumbnail it, or point to a link with a summary?

  4. I may be stating the obvious but it seems to me that the theme "local, local, local" comes screaming to the forefront of this discussion... as with tribe and training, so to it seems best for an auxiliary to form, train and function at the lowest local level possible... as with the UR, only very few and select individuals knew the next contact, location and route to him/her... sometimes only a part of the info was known...

    I personally would encourage those with interest to absorb all that can be and apply all possible aspects of the Underground Railroad and similar activities... the operational principles can apply on a national level down to a specific urban community...

    on a more specific note, there exists within our affluent society a small percentage of people who refuse to live as most of society does - meaning without permanent home and associated entanglements.. they chose rather to live "on the road"... that community has it's own communication system for relaying useful info(the location of food, shelter, necessary facilities for temporary use, etc)... said system consists primarily of symbols drawn on or etched in strategic locations... to the untrained eye, they're nearly invisible but to the "road dog", they're as glaring as the lights on Officer Friendly's cruiser...

    this last bit of information was for educational purposes only...

    1. Some other tools I think of are ham radios and unemployed patriots. I view hams as prospective hubs to wagon wheels of Intel and communication. They give and receive information and then spread that information through the wagon wheel by word of mouth.
      The unemployed patriot comes in as a sort of pony express. He has time, and with supplied funds for gas and travel expenses, can be a critical part of the puzzle.
      I'm reminded of the scene in Body of Lies where Russell Crowe mentioned that the bad guys had figured out that by communicating old school they couldn't be tracked.
      "Runners" carrying info, letters handed off, etc. Would be as dark territory as one could get

    2. Hams: Absolutely will be a vital tool. I raised this a while ago and couldn't get good answers - possibly because I shouldn't be talking about such things in the clear. But - in SHTF/WRoL communicating via radio will require, at least to my mind, CW, burst capability, and frequency hopping (spread spectrum) capability, in conjunction with codes.

      I know one is not allowed to use those widgets on amateur radio today - but when the rules no longer apply, they will be essential. Can one buy such widgets today to put on a shelf for a rainy day? If so - can anyone provide a link?

      If this is technology that must be built by radio wizards, can we commission someone to begin building units that will be compatible across most radio platforms?

  5. Something else that those who make up the auxiliary will need to have on hand is clothing,it doesn't have to be brand new-thrift stores have jeans,t-shirts,BDU's and "tactical pants",sweat shirts, jackets and flannels for those in colder limes, for a few bucks at most. Clean,dry socks and underwear are another thing that there will be a high demand for.
    I agree that we do need to make up with a list of stuff those in the auxiliary should have on hand in the way of supplies-other than the BBB.
    Maybe include some specifics on the BBB supplies.


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