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Monday, February 2, 2015

Philosophy: Rights & Anarchy

The USC did not fail. Americans did. Sorry folks (and Fox News) but Gruber was right. He may not be a nice guy, and he may be on the other side, but he was right. We are where we are because Americans dropped the ball, because we let it get to where it is. No one else is responsible. How about taking some responsibility? Blame the Statists, the collectivists? Statists will as Statists do, if you let them.

Max gets it.  Do you?

Read his full piece, here.  It matters.  

And be very, very careful with whom you ally yourselves.



  1. That's why I keep espousing the need for community and moving to an area of like minded people...He referenced the article over at WRSA about returning to the 6th century when things go to shit which reinforces my point...People need to be making plans right now to have the ability to survive when something happens...They need to realize what gives them the best options to survive which past history shows is a strong community able to feed, protect, shelter, and sustain itself...If anyone of those can't be done in your area move or if you can't move because of custody,job,family, or money get into contact with those that have it(survivable community) and start building a relationship with them so you have a place to come to when it happens...Leave as little to chance as you can so the odds will be in your favor...If you want to know more about my community and why I chose it get in contact with K to get my info or comment here and I will explain...

    1. So I'm fairly certain that we will all be subject to an incident in the near future which will most likely render us "in the dark" so to speak. I have started doing a bit of prepping as of late ; water purification, freeze dried food, medical supplies,.223,.22, 9mm, 12 and 20. I also started recently attempting to build faraday boxes. So my question is what am I missing? Also, is an 06 diesel 1 ton something I'll want to hold onto? I'm not under the impression that anyone is coming to help after the fact, that's why I'm here now. Any advice would be immensely appreciated.

    2. OK man first order of business is your location if you are in a populated area get out of there now...It will not matter how much you have stored up unless you have a small army all you will be doing is supplying food and resources to the FSA or the enemy...Next is build tribe/community you will not be able to survive if you try lone wolfing it unless that is what your doing right now and live way out in the boonies...Next acquire skills and training in everything from gardening to SUT...If you have specific questions just ask on here...

    3. brother lineman, ctc Grandpa at stormfriends@hushmail.com. our thoughts parallel. tks.

    4. Here's the deal and Grandpa has said it before. "We" were all here, this shit happened on our watch. We got complacent, thought it can't happen here, and... the frigging Kenyan got elected AGAIN. Don't give me any crap about you didn’t vote for him, or you didn't have a decent viable option. I call bullshit and you know it. His first term was our warning, and our rally cry should have been "anyone but this fucker again". But, two terms? Dear God in Heaven... Probably voting won't work, likely it won't, but if "we" don't get our shit in one sock, shooting ain't gonna get it right either. The time to relax, or be lazy, or complacent; is LIGHT YEARS down the road. We need to circle up, shoot/move/communicate, right now.
      If at this point anyone is not training, preparing, reading, training, stocking up, planning, training, making plan B, discussing options, training, forming tribes, getting them involved in all of it, training, training them, and training - then please, stock up on 556, 12 gauge, and 9mm; because once they take you out I will need the ammo to save your family. If that seems harsh and cruel, it is because it is the truth, and the truth always hurts. You don't even have the fucking time to read this. Get up off your ass and train, or go buy me some ammo. I'm fucking 58 years old and I will run circles around your ass, punkin. If you think this applies to you, it does. How many times does K, or Max, or damn near everyone else here have to tell you? And Sam Adams, yes to the diesel. Get it ready too, I'll tell you how. Mine is an 04. I left ctc info for lineman - and anyone else like minded - above. So if you need to know, ask.

    5. okay, Grandpa is a bit grouchy today, can you tell? Brothers, train and prepare for eiskalt und blitzschnell... icy cold and lighting fast. When it goes loud, it will go fast. Remember, every day your enemy is training to kill you, and then have their way with your family and all you hold dear. That should suffice as motivation....

  2. Max gets it-when he first posted his rightful liberty series of posts,he tried to get discussion going on standing up for rightful liberty,what would be the best way to go about restoring rightful liberty,etc. in the Max V. forums.
    There were a few-a very few-who tried to get the discussion going,and keep it going.
    I to get the discussion going by posting often,very,very few responses-eventually,Max posted that most people just don't care.
    I believe that people do care,there's just not enough who are willing to stand up and do anything about restoring rightful liberty for whatever reason.
    There also seems to be far too many of the "rugged individualists" who believe that they are just going to go to their fully stocked "bug out location"/survivalists retreat"/ "homestead",whatever you want to call it,and defend their property by sniping anyone who comes on their property from their $10,000.00 "sniper rifle" that they have either never fired,or taken to the range and sighted it in at 100 yds.
    No one is going to make it on their own-tribe is important,as are the skills each member has-you need to have all the needed skills covered.
    People have to work together to reach the common goal of restoring rightful liberty.
    The discussion at WRSA in the comments of the "Hope is in the Past" post shows a lot of not only confusion,but outright hostility among the commenters-there appears to be near zero unity on the subject.
    Sometimes it is as simple as click click boom.
    Other times,we need to do something about the lack of unity and lack of working toward common goals to get people to work together.
    The conspiracy bullshit has got to go as well.
    It's hard to believe people can be so easily duped,until you read the shit they post-then you have to wonder who ties their shoes for them.

    1. "The conspiracy bullshit has got to go as well.
      It's hard to believe people can be so easily duped,until you read the shit they post-then you have to wonder who ties their shoes for them."

      Beautifully stated, and painfully pertinent in today's wars for the "public opinion". The quantity and flagrancy of the agitprop present on every conspiracy website is soaring, diluting relevant discussions, while at the same time saturating their front pages with threads of profoundly ridiculous and banal garbage, baited by sensational headlines. I abhore using the taglines of such online loony bins, but there is indeed a war on for your mind. Sad thing is, today there are many who have lost their minds, and perhaps even more unaware that they actually possess one in the first place. These are the fruits of public education, best I can tell...

    2. "These are the fruits of public education, best I can tell.."

      These "fruits of public education" are the direct result of a few decades of the K-12 leftist indoctrination camps our public schools became those few decades ago.

    3. "The conspiracy bullshit has got to go as well."

      I'm curious as to which theories you are speaking of? If you think that the US exists in a "bubble" and there are no other players involved, then it is you who have lost your minds. There are many conspiracies being played out at this very moment. Wake-up.


  3. OK, let me clarify - the objectives of the "Globalists" are not a conspiracy theory - they are a conspiracy in fact. In reality, there are a number of groups all competing to be the "lords of the new (globalist) age" and they even appear to work together in that, with the exception of who they intend to be running things, their plans are almost identical.

    No, when I refer to tinfoil hats and woo-woos, I'm talking about the Nibiru "tards" and the slew of other fanciful doom-tales which never come true and are always "just around the corner", regardless of how many times they have made predictions which turned out to be nothing but horsefeathers and fairy dust when the predicted 'day of doom' arrived...
    Remember all the angst leading up to "Y2K"? As the story went, every computerized thing was going to drop dead all at once, all around the world, and we were going to be hurled back into the stone age overnight. What dimwittery was that?
    And yet every business scrambled to be "Y2K Ready", and it was an incessant topic of discussion among even the least technical of folks for many months, even making "headlines" with the MSM.
    And yet, even with the lessons of Y2K, "Global Warming", and a host of other such well-rebuked frauds over the last two decades, there are many folks out there who love a "good conspiracy theory", and many websites who cater specifically to folks craving such soap opera grade drivel. But start injecting too many facts into such a thread, and you'll get booted from tinfoil-hat-heaven. They can't stand very much reality being injected into their communal revelries... Been there, done that.


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